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Join us for our DAC Annual In House Throwdown on Sept 14th. Teams of 2 Same/Mixed Sex for Rx/Scaled/Masters 40+

If you need a partner please contact a coach to set you up!
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A.1: Rope Climb (4 xAMRAP - 2)
L Sit Rope climb
Legless Rope climb
Rope Climb
3/4 Climb
1/2 Climb
Lying to standing
A.2: Dead Bugs (4 x :60 sec)
Metcon (Time)
*Fitness & (Performance)*
5 RFT: 14 min cap
10 RKBS (70/53)
10 Jumping Chin Ups (Chin Ups)
10x10m line touches (2 hand touch)
10 abmat sit-ups
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