Class WOD
Strength / Accessory Work
A.1: Clean + Jerk (3 x 3)
Notes: Build up to a challenging set and then start counting your working sets from there. You should be able to build maybe oce through these sets.
A.2: Double Unders/Practice
Metcon (Time)
Fitness/(Performance, Rx+) - For Time (10min cap)

12 C+J (135/95, Rx+ 155/105)
50 Single Unders (DU)
9 C+J (155/105, Rx+ 185/125)
100 Single Unders (DU)
6 C+J (185/125, Rx+ 205, 140)
150 Single Unders (DU)
*notes* C&J weight should start at a moderate load that should not allow you to do all 12 reps unbroken; fast singles are allowed.

Working large jump rope sets.Stay relaxed, focus on breathing, and try and go right back into the C&J.
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