Class WOD
F-A: Push Press (Building to a heavy 4)
5 minutes to build, then E2MOMx5 to build to a heavy 4.

Use the Fitness track today if you're not yet comfortable getting very heavy with the push press
P-A.: Push Press (Building to a heavy set of 2)
5 min to build then an E2MOM x5 rounds to build to that heavy 2
B.1: GHD Hip Extension (3 x 12)
B.2: DB Skull Crushers (3 x 15)
Metcon (Time)
Fitness/(Performance, Rx+)

7 RFT 12 min Cap

10 Push Presses (115/80, Rx+ 125/85)
35 Double Unders
Push press should be unbroken each round.
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