EMOM x 10

1- 5 OHS, pause for 10s in bottom of squat for last rep. From the floor

2- 10 Box Jump*

*Practicing a soft landing, using feet to grab the box and land as silently as possible
FRO: Overhead Squat (5 OHS w/ 10s pause on last rep)
Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 4 x 3

8 OHS (60% - 70% of weight in strength)
4 Lateral Burpee over BB Double Jumps
8 Pull-ups (Rx+ 4 BMU)

Rest 2 minutes
Score = total of all rounds and reps across all 3 AMRAPS. Pick up where you left off each round.
Post WOD Accessory Work
Complete 2x in order:

40 Supinated Band Pull-aparts
40 Banded Good mornings
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