Jared KeithCrossFit Level 2
    • CrossFit Level 2 Certificate

    I have been an athlete all of my life.  I started playing soccer in southern California at the age of 5 and was fortunate enough to play all the way into college at San Francisco State University, where I studied Kinesiology.  After college I began coaching at my old high school and working as a personal trainer at your typical “globo gyms”.  I found CrossFit in 2008 and it completely changed my life.  I joined a local affiliate and haven’t looked back since.  CrossFit immediately took me back to my playing days.  I felt like I was competing again every day.

    While personally I loved CrossFit I never really saw it as something I would do for a living.  Not until I walked into CrossFit New Haven.  Within the first two weeks I knew that I wanted to be a part of this gym.  I registered for my L1 and started bugging them to intern almost immediately.  The community at this gym is special, something you definitely have to come see for yourself.  I am honored that they have given me the chance to do what I love everyday and share it with all of our members.  Nothing makes me happier than watching our members do things they never thought they could, I remember that feeling well and it’s great to be able to see it on a daily basis.

    I have been coaching at CFNH for just under a year now.  In that time I have become more and more obsessed with gymnastics and I am working hard to make it my specialty.  I developed a 6 week beginner gymnastics program for the gym that was very successful and will be releasing a second one soon.   I hope to have my CF gymnastics certification and my CF-L2 by the summer of 2017.  I am always striving to be a better coach and would love to help you achieve your goals.  I am available at jared@crossfitnewhaven.com for personal training, personal programming, and nutrition consultation.

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