CFNH DeAffiliates

Dear CFNH Community,

After 12 years of building our community, dedicated to health and fitness, we are de-affiliating with CrossFit HQ. We want to assure you that the values our gym was founded on do not align with those of Greg Glassman, HQ and the reckless messages that they deliver. 

Our gym is one of the oldest affiliated gyms in the area.  Thousands of athletes from all over the world have trained here. We’ve had countless conversations about how CrossFit changed or saved their lives, but today we’ve listened to the community and our hearts, and we’ve decided to end our relationship with CrossFit HQ. 

We chose to listen. We chose not to be rash. We chose Love instead of Hate. We hoped for change. We hoped for the CEO to step down. We waited for a legitimate response from those we once looked up to. This change never came. It is now time for CFNH to make this change.  Effective immediately, CFNH will no longer carry the CrossFit Brand.  District Athletic Club is our community and is our voice. 

The values in which we opened our gym: compassion, progression, community, growth and loyalty remain today. Our doors are open to all who share these same values.

In Health,

Carla, Eric, Karin and Mark

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