Summer 2019 Programming!

At CrossFit New Haven we typically program in cycles over the course of multiple months. The past 3.5 months had a tilt towards strength, primarily building towards the three main lifts – deadlift, squat, and strict press., now that the CrossFit Total is over we will be entering a new programming cycle.  We like to test the CF Total about every 6 months, so you can expect to see it pop up again around January. If you didn’t see the kind of gains you want this time around, then 1) Get here more consistently! 2) Apply a lot of focus and effort to the strength portions of the WOD, and/or 3) Talk with one of the CF trainers or DAC PT trainers about a more strength focused program – even take a look at District Barbell Club! Additionally, after the CrossFit Opens in October we will again turn our programming focus to be more strength-based in preparation for the next Total.

Over the course of the next 2 months (through August) our programming will have a tilt towards core and posterior strengthening. Doesn’t sound very sexy to you? Well you can expect to see more strongman/woman movements thrown in there such as: sled pushes and pulls, tire flips, and yoke and farmer’s carries. Additionally you will see some funky kettlebell complexes, funky gymnastics movements (like the inverted burpees and more pull-up bar complexes), and some challenging core complexes.

Why this focus?

Many of these movements such as yoke carries and sled push/pulls are thrown in every few months, but typically not consistently enough to really build on them to see much improvement. These movements also do a fantastic job addressing our physical needs detailed below.

The focus on core and posterior strengthening addresses a broad overall need, specifically within our gym, but also a general need of a significant portion of the broad population. Wondering why you have knee pain? Could very well be due to weak hamstrings (in comparison to your quads or other anterior muscles). Why does your back hurt after deadlift day? Could be weak glutes/hamstrings, low glute engagement, or a weak core that is forcing your lower back to do the heavy lifting. Why can’t you get that heavy front squat or clean out of the hole? – Could be a weak core that is causing you to collapse at the bottom of the squat – we see this a lot.

So please – log your results in Wodify so that you can track your progress and know where to start next time you see the same movement! Enjoy this cycle – get comfortable being uncomfortable, and don’t skip the class on a day you’re not familiar with the movement! One of the reasons why CrossFit works so well is because you are forced OUT of your comfort zone to improve in areas that you are most uncomfortable (and also generally weakest!!).

If you have questions on any of this – please direct them to your coaches and, if they don’t know the answer, they can relay them to the programming committee and we will get back to you. Any feedback is always welcome through the Anonymous Feedback button (yes – it is actually anonymous) on Wodify.

Moving forward after August we will turn our attention to the Open which start in October this year. More to come on that in a few months!


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