Athlete of the Month – Vicky Karanikola

If you know Vicky, then you know what a beautiful soul she is! She values community so much, and it's clear how much CFNH has become her family. 

You'll find Vicky spicing up the early morning classes with an awesome (and hilarious) attitude!

She shows up to support AND participate in local CrossFit competitions.

She's dedicated to improving her olympic weightlifting through the NHWLC.

She's been diligent about the exercises and modifications to improve an injury.

In short, WE LOVE YOU, VICKY! No matter where you go, you always have a home at CFNH!

1. When and where did you start CrossFitting?

I started here at our very own awesome gym CrossFit New Haven. I believe I took on ramp in November of 2017 with coach Nadia. But my first ever class was on a mid-October Saturday 8 am trial class with Dags. I remember being sooooo sore and in pain (I love a challenge) from that trial that I knew this was perfect for me, I have met my match!!!!

2. What are some of your goals to accomplish in 2019?

Oh wow, how much time do y’all have? JK, short-term improving form on all strength movements (clean & jerk, snatch, back and front squat, etc.), so I can feel safe of not injuring myself and then hit some numbers. And the never ending, painful, keeping me up at nights long-term goal is 3 to 5 strict pull-ups (Gravitational forces are still a thing for me )

3. What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you're most proud?

DUs (and I am dropping the mic as I say that). Must give credit to the support of the morning crew (Picards, Josie, Mike etc).

I have a second one: Not getting injured is a big thing for me, it actually means I am finally an adult and decided to listen to my coaches and not letting my ego go above and beyond to reach heavy before I fix my body form, sometimes slow is what wins the race (remember the fable of the rabbit and the turtle?)

4.  Do you adhere to any form of daily/weekly diet regimen to power your workouts?  What does your dream cheat meal/day look like?

Funny you should ask!!! I am finally making a change and I am very happy that I joined the Spring Cleaning Challenge at our gym. I have been struggling with my eating habits, like not drinking enough water or not eating breakfast or lunch and coming back home at night and perform what I call the ultimate vacuum cleaning process of the fridge (bad!!!). I am a week in the challenge, I feel soooo much better and energetic, I am positive that it will also reflect on my workout ability as well.

Dream cheat meal, oh dear!!! It might sound weird but hey I am Greek (all bets are off w Greeks) after all: Fries with feta cheese or mayo all the way, everyday! Alongside a nice cold IPA or double IPA.

5. Design 2 WODs:  1 that is your bread & butter, filled with your movement strengths; 1 that is all goats (movement weaknesses you feel you need to improve).

Bread and butter WOD:

250 m Row (or 12 cal AB)
10 clean & jerk (or OH squats)

All goats WOD:

Everything else (just kidding)

20 min AMRAP of any # of:

Box jumps

6. How do you spend your time when you're away from CFNH?

You mean when I don’t loiter at the gym for an hour after the 6 am CF is done? Somebody might call me a nerd; I say I am just curious……so I am either at my laboratory at Yale (I am a postdoc at the Chemical and Environmental Engineering department) working on membrane materials towards water purification and energy efficiency or discovering new flavors of New England IPA at local breweries. Again, everything is about curiosity.

7. What is one fact that other CFNHers may not know about you?

I used to love coming down a mountain, skiing at an avg speed of 65 mph (always with a helmet on). Now I know better to never do anything like that again, I aim for 55 mph.

8.  Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at CFNH?

Yes, smile and keep showing up!!! When you think it is time to quit, just keep on pushing a little more.
CFNH is way more than a gym, for me it is a community and a place of sanity! What is it for you?


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