Mock Weightlifting Meet

Have you ever been interested in trying out an Olympic Weightlifting Meet but didn’t want to wear a singlet, or count in Kilos, or have the feeling, “well i’m not gonna win, so why do it?

Your chance to try out a worry-free Olympic Weightlifting Meet is here! On Sunday, October 21st from 10:30am2pm New Haven Weightlifting and CrossFit New Haven invite you to our Mock Weightlifting meet exclusively for CFNH and NHWLC members. We will run this very similar to an officially sanctioned USAW event, with some exceptions:

NO singlets required. Wear regular workout clothes
— NO weightlifting shoes required. Snatch in your Nanos or Metcons (or w/e shoe you workout in!)
NO need to know your bodyweight or the weight you’d like to attempt in Kilos. You tell us in pounds and we’ll convert for you
NO need to know the rules. That’s what this is all about! It’s a learning experience for everyone
NO requirements that you’ve gone through a Weightlifting for Beginner’s program (though you may want to after this event!)

Everyone will have at least 3 attempts in the snatch, and 3 attempts in the Clean & Jerk (possibly 4!). As your warm-up and build to your attempts, the New Haven Weightlifting Coaches will be walking around offering their feedback and tips on how to improve your form, and thus your safety, and ultimately to move more weight!

This is a perfect opportunity to test your 1 rep max snatch and clean & jerk, get your feet wet with what an Olympic Weightlifting Meet, get to know the Weightlifting Coaches, and get some great feedback about your lifts. The cost is $20 to participate and you can sign up at the Front Desk. Let any of the Weightlifting Coaches know if you have any questions.

We hope to see you there!


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