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There are 3 things to be aware of in this post:

  1. Labor Day Holiday hours for the CFNH and the District Athletic Club
  2. New CrossFit schedule begins the week of 9/3/18
  3. More new classes and programming beginning the week of September 10th

BONUS…. check out the video at the bottom

Labor Day Weekend Schedule for CFNH and DAC:

There are no changes from 8/31 – 9/2 (Friday through Sunday)
Monday, 9/3 the DAC will be open from 7am – 12pm with only 1 CrossFit class at 8:00am. As it has been the past few years it will be the Hero WOD Badger.
We invite anyone not coming to the DAC to the New Haven Green for the New Haven Road Race where the DAC will have a big tent and table

New CrossFit Class times start Tuesday, Septemeber 4th. 
We’re adding classes! All the classes currently in on the schedule are staying, and we’re adding the following:

The HIIT Class, which is open to all CFNH members, will be changing to 45-minutes. We’re also moving the 1:15pm CrossFit class back to 1:30pm now that there will be some type of class at noon every day.

New Classes!

Beginning the week of September 10th we’ll be adding the following Classes. Keep reading for details on each class

  • Weightlifting Technique & Strength
  • Circuit Class

Weightlifting Technique & Strength

  • What: a one-hour class focusing on just the Olympic Weightlifting movements and their accessory exercises (squats, presses, pulls, core work, etc). Each class will have the following three parts: 1) An Olympic lift or some variation of it 2) a strength movement (squats or pulls, etc) and 3) Accessory work (that will most likely be something core-related)
  • When: Tuesdays and Fridays from 6-7am
  • Who (can attend): There are two levels of criteria: 1) you have an Unlimited CrossFit, or DAC Platinum Membership, AND 2) have completed some version of the Weightlifting for Beginners Program. Either the self-guided program or the class program
  • Who (is teaching): New Haven Weightlifting Coaches Dan Colica and Aaron Poach will be splitting the week


Beginning the week of September 10th we’ll also be adding Circuit Classes to the schedule!

  • When: Monday & Wednesday at 4:30pm. Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00am
  • What [is a Circuit class?]: It’s a HIIT class that is solely station based. Here’s an example:

6 Stations:
:50 of 2 Handed RKBS
:50 Burpees
:50 Heel Slides
:50 Jump Squats
:50 Sit-ups
Repeat x 5

5  Stations
2:00 Max Renegade Rows
1:00 Rest
2:00 Max Med Ball Cleans
5:00 Active Recovery on Bike
Repeated for 3 Rounds

More details to come on both of these class programs beginning the September 10th.


Finally, the news we’ve been dying to share….Here’s a word from our newest Coach (who's actually a CFNH veteran Coach)


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