Foundations of Gymnastics for CrossFit – ROUND TWO

Back by popular demand: CrossFit New Haven's Foundations of Gymnastics for CrossFit Class begins on Monday, August 20th at 7:00am. Space is limited to 8 people. Sign up here.


As you see from the pyramid above, CrossFit ranks gymnastics 3rd in order of importance. That’s probably because gymnastics is all about moving your body through space. Improving your gymnastics skill set can improve your overall strength, body control, and awareness, and can help prevent injury, primarily due to the previously listed outcomes.


A 4-week program that will focus solely on the foundations of the building blocks of gymnastics as it relates to CrossFit (sorry, no cartwheels or somersaults here!). The movements in focus will be pull-ups, chin-ups, toes to bar, and handstands/handstand push-ups. The course will consist of 8 classes running over 5 weeks during which we will focus on:

  1. Technique for each movement
  2. Building strength to help you with these movements
  3. Implementing these movements correctly in a metcon (aka a WOD). The metcons will all be on the shorter side. The goal here is to practice the correct movement technique that we go over under fatigue – because we all know how hard it is when you get tired to maintain that perfect form you had earlier in class.


This class will be for those wishing to

  1. Get any or all of the above-listed movements
  2. Become more efficient at these movements
  3. Ensure your body positions are correct to help better protect against injury
  4. Become stronger and improve overall body awareness.


First class starts Monday, August 20th and will be one hour from 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM. Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 AM each week over the course of 4 weeks. There will be 8 classes in total.


$109 for all members – This is limited to 8 people so that we can offer a high level of hands-on coaching.

What kind of results can you expect:

With anything, it takes time to master these skills. When you finish this course you will come away with a very solid understanding of the mechanics behind these movements and which muscles you should be using and need work on. Your core, back, and shoulders should all come out of this stronger than when you started and you should have better body control and awareness. Your increased strength and body awareness will likely lead to further gains in other facets of Crossfit, in particular, weightlifting, as gymnastics offers a lot of very transferrable benefits.

We can’t promise you will go from no toes to bar to 10 toes to bar. But this class will significantly reduce the time it takes you to achieve your long-term gymnastics goals and we would expect you to see significant progress over the 5 weeks.


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