Pull-Up Clinic

The one you've all been waiting for… a Pull-up Clinic! Whether you are determined to get pull-ups in time for the next Open or just want to get better at pull-ups see below.


A 90-minute clinic dedicated solely to the pull-up & kipping pull-up. We will focus on the fundamentals of the strict and kipping pull-up and break down the movements more than we are generally able to in traditional classes. We will also teach you and provide you with exercises you can do to help increase your pull-up strength to either help you get your first pull-up or to help you get more pull-ups. Spaces are limited to the first 24 people to sign up so we can provide lots of hands-on coaching.


If you

  1. Don't yet have a strict pull-up but want one,
  2. Have a strict pull-up or a few and want to get more (highly recommended), 
  3. Want to get better and more efficient at kipping pull-ups (and of course if you are kipping this means you have strict pull-ups already wink then this course is for you!


Sunday, June 10 th from 10:30 – Noon

How Much:

  • Unlimited Members – $20
  • 4x/week members – $30,
  • 3x/week members – $40,
  • non-CFNH member – $50

But… I need more time!!

Well, then you're in luck. You certainly won't go from zero pull-ups to 10 pull-ups in one 90 minute session. If you want to continue to work on your pull-ups we will have the following for you:

  1. Self-Directed – We will review different exercises and provide you with a copy of the exercises in the clinic. If you are disciplined and do not need any further direction than that – you will be well on your way to getting your pull-ups.
  2. Personal programming and assessment session – Set up a one on one session with Coach Haggerty to pinpoint exactly what you are looking for (i.e. first pull-up or multiple) and to assess your strengths and weaknesses. He will then put together a personalized 3-month pull-up program for you. There would be a one-time cost for the session and personal programming.
  3. Drum roll….. This is the big one – A 4-week Gymnastics Course. Very similar to the New Haven Weightlifting Beginners program that just ended, we will be offering a Gymnastics clinic that will take place 2x/week over the course of 4 weeks. This course will focus on the pull-up and chin-up (kipping and strict depending on what level you are at), as well as toes-to-bar, hand stand push-ups, and handstand holds. The class will begin on Tuesday, June 19th and meet every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8am. We'll be taking the week of July 2nd off since the holiday is right in the middle of the week and many people are likely to be away. The last class will be on Thursday, July 19th. More info to come on this. 

How do i sign up for the Pull Up Clinic?!

Email Coach Haggerty at haggerty@crossfitnewhaven.com!

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