Switching Back to Wodify

“I love it when a plan comes together!” – Hannibal, of the acclaimed, A-Team.

But what about when it doesn’t? Like when you scout a member management system that is designed to, “handle all of your needs,” ends up not functioning the way you were told? Well then you have to make some changes, and that’s what we tried to do at the end of 2017. In an effort to be as efficient as possible we tried to go with an all-encompassing membership management solution for the DAC, which would render Wodify useless from a back-end standpoint, so we decided to bring on SugarWOD for our performance tracking. That was last December.

Fast forward a half a year and here we are still using Wodify as our member management, scheduling, and reporting system, and not using the other partner the way we had intended. Since it doesn’t make sense to have two systems that can do the same thing, beginning on Monday, June 4th all class WODs, NHWLC, Endurance Class and any other Programming at CrossFit New Haven will be exclusively available on the Wodify app… again.

If you’ve only been with us since December, this may be a bit of a change. For everyone else, we’re just going back to the way it was before. All of your workout history from up to December 2017 is still loaded in Wodify. Though this is a minor change there are a few important things to remember:

— Please download the free Wodify App from the App Store or Google Play. Beginning June 4th all WODs will be posted in here.
— You can still use SugarWOD if you prefer that! SugarWOD is a free App and doesn’t require CFNH to have their service for you to use it. If you like it, keep using it! Though WODs will not be posted in there and you’ll want to enter your results manually
— Tracking results is very important as it helps workout programmers make the workouts and your experience even better. Not only will you be able to do this through the Wodify App, but also right at the screens before you leave the gym!
— Unfortunately, there is no mass import from SugarWOD to Wodify, meaning if you want your history added into Wodify from December – May you’ll have to do it manually.

Please let the Coaches know if you have any questions about switching to Wodify next week. Thank you!

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