Memorial Day MURPH

Memorial Day is right around the corner, and if you’ve been a part of the CrossFit community for a while, then you know what this means for us; it’s time to tackle the hero WOD, “MURPH”.

Classes will be held at 8am and 10am on Memorial Day! Both will be completing MURPH. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to get warmed up.

Starting my Memorial Day with Murph has been one of my absolute favorite CFNH traditions since I started my Crossfit journey in 2014. The motivation to complete this grueling workout comes from a place of gratitude, remembrance and appreciation for the brave souls who have served our country. The vibe in the gym is serious, yet supportive, and the energy is always electric. We encourage each of you to come out and complete this workout. For those of you who will be performing Murph for the first time this year, please read a little more below about why we do this workout on Memorial Day. This blog post gives some really important background into who Lieutenant Murphy was, why CrossFit gyms across the country take part in this tradition, and how the workout is typically completed.

Similar to last year, in addition to performing the WOD “Murph”, we will also be collecting contributions to support APK Charities – founded by Bob and Helen Pedersen-Keiser, parents of Capt. Andrew Pedersen-Keel, to properly honor and remember the ultimate sacrifice made by Captain Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel, US Army Special Forces. The APK Charities provides financial aid and material assistance to charitable organizations and causes. “PK” as he was known, was raised in Connecticut and served with one of our own members. On the morning of March 11, 2013, Captain Andrew Michael Pedersen-Keel was concluding a patrol briefing when his Special Forces team was attacked, leaving Andrew mortally wounded.  You can learn more about APK Charities here.

We encourage everyone who wishes, to bring a contribution with you to the Memorial Day workout in the form of cash or check (sorry, no electronic payments), and CFNH will send a collective contribution to APK Charities.  
There is no designated amount- any contribution big or small will go to support the foundation set up by PK's parents. All proceeds of APK Charities will benefit Connecticut Trees of Honor Memorial in Middletown, The Fisher House in West Haven, and the Special Forces Charitable Trust. These charities provide much needed and effective recognition and support for fallen soldiers’ families and wounded soldiers and their families, just as they have done for the family of Capt. Pedersen-Keel and his detachment teammates who were wounded.

About the workout MURPH
“MURPH”, formerly known as “Body Armor” was often performed by Lt. Murphy and done with a 20lb weight vest:

1 mile run
100 pull-ups
200 push-ups
300 air squats

1 mile run

To learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy, The Murph Challenge, and the Medal of Honor you can visit these links:,,


Can a friend of mine who also does CrossFit drop in for this? YES, absolutely! They will still be subject to the $20 drop-in fee which will go towards the donations for APK Charities

I have a friend who's wanted to try CrossFit and since this workout is only running and bodyweight movements, can they join? Unfortunately, we cannot allow anyone without prior, and currently active, CrossFit experience in on this WOD. There are a lot of people in here on this day and would be a disservice to them and to current members. We want to be sure your friend has a great workout, and it's tough to guarantee that with how much is going on during this WOD.

My mom/dad/friend/significant other/ is wondering if they can come cheer me on. Is that OK? HELLS YEA! 

What else should i know? It looks like the weather may be muggy this day, and being May it could be hot so drink lots of water the day before and don't come in without eating a small something. 

As with all workouts performed at CrossFit New Haven, you will have scaling options, including Half Murph and the ability to do modified push-ups, ring rows, or SVPUs. As we mentioned above, this is about humbling ourselves and being grateful in remembrance. Of all workouts, this isn't one to avoid because you think you can't perform one of the workouts. 

Andrew Pederson-Keel (Photo- APK Charities)


To learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy, The Murph Challenge, and the Medal of Honor you can visit these links:,,



If you're curious what kind of times are competitive at CFNH for this workout, then check out the leaderboard!

Currently, the top spot is held by Zach DF with a time of 33:12!

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