The 2018 CrossFit Open

Welcome to the 2018 CrossFit Open! If you’ve been around the gym at all over the last two weeks you’ve likely heard the coaches and athletes discussing the upcoming CrossFit Open. While some athletes are regulars year to year in this event those new to CrossFit might be wondering what all this “Open” talk is about. Let’s break it down…

What is the CrossFit Open?

The CrossFit Open (or the “Open” as it’s more often referred to) is a set of standardized workouts released to the world CrossFit community over the course of 5 weeks every year beginning in February. The Open is the first step in the annual competition circuit that ultimately determines which athletes will go on to compete in the annual “CrossFit Games” every August in Madison, Wisconsin.

As CrossFit is a community orientated activity everyone throughout the worldwide CrossFit community is invited to participate and compete in the Open. Even the most elite athletes are required to complete the same workouts as everyone else week to week to prove they deserve a spot at later regional competitions and ultimately the games. So if you’ve ever wondered how you stack up to the Mat Fraser’s or “Dottirs” of the CrossFit world here’s your chance to see.

While the “Open” is obviously a very serious endeavor for elite athletes most CrossFit athletes (that’s you! Yes you are an athlete!) and their gyms choose to use this time to celebrate being part of the larger CrossFit community (in 2017 380,000+ athletes participated in the Open worldwide) by gathering together to complete weekly workouts every Friday night.

So what does CFNH have in store for the Open?

Similar to years past CFNH will host a “Friday Night Lights” event each week for five weeks starting the week of February 22nd. CrossFit will release workouts each Thursday evening, we will then gather as a gym the following Friday evening with all athletes participating in the “Open” throwing down the workout along side their friends, families, and fellow gym members. The competition is entirely friendly and the whole gym cheers you on as you go! Friends and family are encouraged to attend as well (time to show Mom and Dad or your kids what an AMRAP of Thrusters and Double Unders means). The Friday Night Lights event will start promptly at 6:30pm so for the five weeks of the Open 5:30pm will be the last actual class of the day on Fridays. 

This year all athletes interested in participating in the workouts will be organized into 4 “Team Houses” (each team will be led by 2-3 CFNH coaches and an ATHLETE CAPTAIN). Teams will work together to get team members organized and set up in their heats and warmed up for the workout, not to mention being that athlete’s cheer squad during the workout. In addition to individuals competing for themselves against other CrossFitters worldwide CFNH’s “teams” will be engaged in friendly competition with one another (with points awarded for athlete participation, PR’s, team spirit, costumes, and other exemplary efforts).

What if the workouts are too intense? What if I can’t do movement “x”?

CrossFit open workouts are designed in the same spirit as all other workouts at CFNH. They are functional movements, constantly varied, and executed at high intensity. Generally speaking, they are no more intense than what you’d receive in the class WODs day in and day out. So don’t fear, you can do this!

Furthermore, there are several variations and scaling levels of each weekly workout including but not limited to Rx, scaled, teens, masters, and masters scaled. Your CFNH coaches are as always here to further scale any workout as required for individual athletes. So if you have yet to get that first pull up, double under and so forth don’t worry, we’ll make sure you are lined out with an equivalent version of the workout.

Ok I’m in, what do I need to do?

If you want to officially register in the “Open” with CrossFit the cost is $20 and you'll sign up through the CrossFit Games website here. This provides you with an online profile through which you can compare scores with the entire worldwide population of CrossFitters. This is beneficial if you are interested in seeing how you might progress year to year in your fitness, using your overall worldwide placement as a gauge of your progress. If you’re not interested in officially registering for the 2018 Open that’s OK! All CFNH athletes are still invited and welcome to participate in the Open workouts and Friday Night Light events.

In either case please make sure you 1) “check off” the “in the open” button in your Sugar WOD application AND check in with a CFNH coach at anytime before February 21st to let them know you want to participate and that coach will make sure you get signed up.

And then…?

Keep an eye on CFNH’s Sugar WOD announcements and other social media platforms for regular updates. The schedule for the next few weeks is below:

* 18.1- Workout “Launch” Event 2/22 at 8pm, Friday Night Lights 2/23 (heats start 6:30pm). “Olympics” week.
* 18.2- Friday Night Lights 3/2 (heats start 6:30pm). “Super Hero” week.
* 18.3- Friday Night Lights 3/9 (heats start 6:30pm). “March Madness” week.
* 18.4- Friday Night Lights 3/16 (heats start 6:30pm). “St. Patrick’s Day” week.
* 18.5- Friday Night Lights ON SATURDAY, 3/24 (heats start at 10am) and Team Challenge Event TBD. “Team Spirit” i.e. dress like your “house”.

Please note that on those Fridays that Friday Night Lights occur the LAST CLASS WOD will be the 5:30pm class. 6:30pm and classes will be reserved for those who will be doing a judged, Open WOD. A casual social event will follow the last heat of each Friday Night Lights work out, so again please invite your friends and family to come and join us.

Athletes must complete the workouts during the Friday Night Lights events. If athletes wish to complete the workouts outside of this time a $10 fee will apply in order to arrange for a judge and floor space. Workouts completed in class WODS cannot be judged or have results count towards your team’s points.

So make sure if you are interested in participating in the workouts you chat with a coach or get your name up on the whiteboard at the gym! See you next week!

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