The 2018 CFNH In-House Throwdown

It’s that time again! Time to throw. It. down. On Saturday, January 20th from 9am – 12:00/12:30ish we’ll be holding our final in-house partner competition at 1175 State St. This one is just for us, so grab a fellow CrossFit New Haven member and get ready to put all your hard work into action. This one is going to be extra special too, because it is also going to double as a fundraiser for the American Heart Association in honor of the late Phyllis Pozika, mother of Coach Poz. Each team will have a “pay to play” fee of $20 total due the day of the event which will be donated to the AHA (cash or check made out to the AHA, we cannot charge your account for this one). We’ll be welcoming additional donations the day of, or you can make a donation through this fundraising page

Below you’ll find all the details you need to know about our event. If you have even more questions please post them at the bottom of this post and we’ll be sure to clarify for you.

Saturday, January 20th. The first workout and 3-2-1 GO for Heat 1 happens promptly at 9:30am, so we encourage you to get to the gym no later than 9:00am to get warmed up. We’ll have recommended warm-ups for each workout posted around the gym. We will still have our regularly scheduled 7:00 and 8:00am classes, however, we do not have any other regular classes this day. From 9:00am – 12:00pm the gym will be designated for the Throwdown only.

Who can be my partner?
Anyone! Well, anyone that is also a member of CrossFit New Haven. There’s a few hundred of you so there shouldn’t be an issue finding someone. Same-sex, mixed-gender, scaled and RX teams. We really don’t care who your partner is as long as it follows these criteria: 1) they are also a CrossFit New Haven member, and 2) you both plan on doing either Scaled or RX. Of course we’re happy to further scale the scaled workouts, or provide modifications for any movements that call for it. We don’t want to hear any, “i have to modify, so i’m not doing it,” or, “even the scaled weight is too much for me.” We want to hear, “hey Coach, can i have a mod for X movement so i can still do this workout?” and, “i think the scaled weight might still be too much for me, what weight do you recommend, Coach?” Because we want you there no matter what. #noexcuses

You said prizes,,,
Like i said, we don’t care who your teammate is, or if you have to further scale or modify. This is all about having fun, but bragging rights aren’t bad either… So we’ll be providing a small prize (seriously, don’t get too excited) to the top same-sex RX and scaled teams. We’ll also have another small prize for the team with the best costume/outfit/uniform or whatever you want to call it.

And now the part you really care about… the WODs
Before you continue, please remember that we’re happy to further scale or modify any of these to ensure you get a good workout without.

WOD 1: “Who wrote this workout?!”

8:00 AMRAP of…Fran

Thrusters 95/65
Pull Ups

Thrusters 65/45
Jumping Pull Ups

In 8:00 complete as many rounds and reps of the above couplet as possible. Split up work with your partner however you want and your score is the total number of reps completed in 8 minutes.

WOD 2: “You can drop the weights now”
A similar set up to Open WOD 15.2. Each round is 1:30 long. Each partner must complete the couplet in its entirety and straight through, going one after the other. For example, partner A does 7 Wall Balls and 3 cleans, followed by Partner B doing 7 Wall Balls and 3 cleans each round. Once the round is complete you can rest until the next 1:30 interval starts (and add weight, etc.). You score is A) If you get capped, the total time on the clock when your last round was completed B) If you finish, the total time it took you to complete all the work. The clean may be a Power Clean, or a full Clean.

7 Wall Balls (RX = 20/14, Scaled = 12/10)
3 Cleans (95/65) [65/45] –1:30 – 3:00–
7 Wall Balls
3 Cleans (135/95) [75/55] –3:00 – 4:30–
7 Wall Balls
3 Cleans (155/105) [95/65] –4:30 – 6:00–
7 Wall Balls
3 Cleans (185/125) [115/85] –6:00 – 7:30–
7 Wall Balls
3 Cleans (205/145) [135/95] –7:30 – 9:00–
7 Wall Balls
3 Cleans (235/160) [155/105]

WOD 3: “The Noisy Heater”
For Time: 15 Minute Cap – work is split however you want but both partners must complete 10 total synchronized burpees together

Buy-In: 200 DU [400 SU] Followed by:
10 Rounds:
15 Deadlifts (225/155) [155/105] 20 Box Jumps (24/20) [20/15] 10 Synchronized Burpee [Squat thrust]

But wait there’s more! Well, for the CFNH Coaching staff there is… At the end of all of this, you get to see your Coaches suffer a little more, AND raise some more money for the AHA. Before we begin partaking in well-earned libations and socializing the Coaches will be doing a 1:00 burpee challenge where they’ll try to complete as many burpees as possible in 1:00. YOU will be invited to pledge $1 for each burpee they complete. Pick your favorite Coach, or the one you want to see suffer the most! Or make bets with fellow athletes and have the winnings go toward the AHA (my money is on CFNH Coaching Intern Marie, btw).

That’s all for now! Please post your questions below and we’ll follow up ASAP!

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