Holiday Party 2017 Details

On Saturday, December 16th starting at 7:00pm and going until 11:30pm everyone and their significant other from CrossFit New Haven, the New Haven Weightlifting Club, and DAC PT are invited to get together in the gym (but not in gym clothes) to celebrate the year, our accomplishments, each other, and yes, even ourselves. You’ve worked hard at your job, with your family, and in the gym so now it’s time to reward yourself with drinks, food, and dancing… lots and lots of dancing. Everything you need to know about the event is below!

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

If you’ve spent any more than 3 months in New Haven then you’ve heard of Caseus, and that’s exactly why the food will be provided by them! We’ll start the night with a giant charcuterie during cocktail hour, and finish with delicious entries that don't require a fork and knife, but will really fill you up. These are definitely hearty and substantial enough to count as your full dinner so you’ll want to come hungry.

The Rambling Inn
You may have heard of this new, mobile Irish Pub called The Rambling Inn, which is actually the brainchild of CFNH’s own Damian Cashman! We’ll have a full cash bar all night long. Of course, we want you to have fun this night, but we also want you to be responsible. Which is why if you get a safe ride to the party (Uber, Lyft, cab, etc), then your first drink is on us! Just show us your smartphone with the receipt from the service you took and enjoy one on us! If you’re not familiar with The Rambling Inn you should probably check out their Instagram…

Will be provided by another one of CFNH’s own, DJ Benny! Anyone who has attended our last couple holiday parties knows what’s in store here. For those who don’t, this is all you need to know: bring your dancing shoes (or be ready to kick off your shoes) and plan to GET. DOWN, because DJ Benny doesn’t mess around.

Sounds like fun… whatever will I wear?
First, we want as many of you to come as possible. While the dress code is absolutely not a requirement we do try to class-it-up a bit. I was talking with a member the other day and told them how every year I have to do a double-take at the holiday party because we get to see so many people for the first time NOT in gym clothes! The hair is done up, make-up is on, and the extra height is provided by nice shoes and heels instead of lifting shoes. It’s not black tie, but it’s not jeans and a t-shirt either. Some people go as far as renting dresses and getting their hair done, some do business casual, and some go as easy as jeans and a sport coat. Don’t overthink it, but try to avoid showing up in your nanos or metcons. wink

So come hungry, come thirsty, and come ready to party and let’s give the last holiday season at this building a proper send off!

(PS. while we have you here, check out the updated FAQs about SugarWOD)

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