Switching to SugarWOD, Away from Wodify

As mentioned in the blog post from November 15th, CrossFit New Haven will be moving away from Wodify and into SugarWOD as our performance tracking partner. Below is a list of answers to your questions about what this entails, including what data will be transferred over and which won’t, and also directions on how you can save all of your performance history from Wodify.


Please see updated FAQs below in blue!


Before we get into it, if you haven't downloaded SugarWOD yet please do it now!

For Apple devices

For Android Devices

What's Happening and When:

  • Week of 11/27 – WODs will be posted both in SugarWOD and Wodify. We encourage you to download the free SugarWOD app for Apple or Andoird and begin tracking your results here
  • Week of 12/4 – WODs will only be posted in SugarWOD. In order to see the WOD, you will need to have SugarWOD downloaded on your phone
  • Monday, 12/18 – The following Wodify data will be transferred over to SugarWOD: Standard Barbell Lifts such as back squat, front squat, etc, cleans, snatches, and other standard Olympic lifts (hang snatch for example), Hero and Girl WOD results. Any data you have for these workouts will be automatically transferred over to SugarWOD. IMPORTANT: only those who have downloaded SugarWOD will have their data transferred on 12/18, so make sure to sign up ASAP!
  • The following information will not be transferred over to SugarWOD from Wodify: Custom metcons – i.e. any WOD (Metcon) that is not a Girl WOD or Hero WOD. Custom Barbell Complexes and lifts – for example: snatch lift off + Snatch Pull + snatch – and other custom complexes created by CFNH. Though these will not be transferred over, the appropriate weight and load can still be figured out when these come up again by looking at your standard lift related to that movement. For example in the complex above, we can gauge what weight to use based on your Snatch PR.
  • Learn how to download your Wodify Data Here! You will have until January 1st to do this. After this date, the information will no longer be available to download
  • Tuesday, January 2nd – Wodify is turned off and unavailable for downloading the previous history if you had not done so yet.


Can I still track all of my performance, including WOD times, barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell and other strength lifts with SugarWOD?

YES! All of this will be available for you. Some of it will be prompted based on the workout that day and other items can be manually added

Will I still be able to reference my percentages of my 1RM?

Yes, and in fact, it becomes even easier with SugarWOD! It will display automatically for any lift included in either the strength and/or WOD portion of the workout

What will happen to my Wodify workout history

Some of it will come over, including your standard barbell lifts, and benchmark Hero and Girl WODs.

You can learn how to download all of your Wodify Data here

How will I sign into class?

Until we move over to the new gym in January, the Coach of your class will take care of signing you in. Your results will be tracked through the SugarWOD app on your phone and display on the public whiteboard, but only if you choose to allow your results to be seen.

After we move, you’ll sign into class at the front desk before entering into the CrossFit area

Is there still a leaderboard? What if I want to comment or like someone’s performance?

You still can! You’ll have the ability to comment on your fellow athlete’s performance, or give them a well-deserved [virtual] fist bump!

Will the CrossFitNewHaven.com website still show the WODs?

YES. We are working with our website developers to get this back on the website ASAP.

I can’t see the class schedule on SugarWOD. Where is it?

Answer: it’s not on there. SugarWOD is solely for tracking your performance and being social about that performance with your fellow athletes. In order to see the class schedule, you’ll want to visit the CrossFitNewHaven.com website and click, “Classes.”

When we get rid of Wodify, will we still be able to see who is Coaching each class?

We will make sure that you’re still able to see who is Coaching which class when we fully transition away from Wodify. For now, simply visit the “Classes” link on the crossfitnewhaven.com website.

I want some workouts to be in Kilos and others to be in Pounds

Us too! Unfortunately, this is not a feature SuagrWOD currently has. In your profile settings, you can select either Kilos or Pounds, but this will be for ALL of your workouts. We’ve already shared that this is an issue for us and they’re going to discuss what it would take to implement it at their next developer meeting.

Can I log in to SugarWOD through a desktop or laptop?

No. SugarWOD is strictly a mobile platform and can only be accessed through a smartphone or tablet.


Important note: Though we will be using SugarWOD to track all of our workouts, for a short period of time we will still be using Wodify as our billing and attendance system. We ask that you continue to sign into class until the final switch away from Wodify has been made. When we move across the street, signing into class will happen before you even enter the CrossFit space. Until then however, please contiue to sign into class when you arrive as you have always done. 


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