2017 Holiday Rowing Challenge

The annual 100,000/200,000 meter C2 Holiday Rowing Challenge is here.  

From Thanksgiving 11/23 (Doors open at 7:30AM) to Christmas Eve 12/24 (Doors Close at 10AM) you are invited to join Team CFNH and complete your chosen distance while you are raising money with Concept 2.  For every meter you row, C2 will donate $.02 for every meter you row a charity you pick,  if you make it to 100,000 meters.  If you go over the 100,000 meters it's a $.04/meter donation up to 200,000 meters.

This challenge is for all of the District Athletic Club! In addition to your class or PT times, you may come into CFNH and row any time the gym is open (YES we have Open Gym Hours), or a coach has invited you to row while they are in the building.  You will log your distance into the C2 LogBook for validation.  You get to watch your position amongst all rowers in the Challenge; CFNH as well as the entire Concept 2 Erg'ers in the world.  This is a great way to improve your rowing technique, get more cardio in addition to your CFNH classes and just feel good about being philanthropic.  And you can also participate in the Ski Erg.  If you are up for a change to the ski erg, it's only 50,000 meters.  

Among our own CFNH community, it gets very exciting towards the end to see who is the first to be finished and who will be on the rower Christmas Eve.  Your technique, speed, and endurance will improve tremendously; especially if you come for the C2 Erg classes which are held on Friday evening. 

Coach Carla will be coaching rowing technique class on Fridays from 5:30 – 6:30 PM throughout the challenge; details below. (inclement weather date will be Saturdays at 10 or 11 AM as needed).  There is a lot of support by your CFNH Teammates and of course, a lot of rower chattering too.  


Some of you are already on the CFNH Team Roster from last year.  Please take a moment to update your individual logs and Team stats.  I have emailed a separate welcome to C2 Challenge to this group.  Please accept or decline and let me know your intentions. (Dawn and Molly, delete one of your accounts for 2017)

How to Compete:

Do you think you are up for this challenge?  If so, complete the following:

1.  Create your OnLine log book Here.  The challenge is FREE to anyone who signs up. 

2.  Please list your affiliate with Crossfit New Haven.  Your meter standings will be designated to our team. 

3.  Sign up for the Friday Evening Technique Classes from 5:30 – 6:30 PM. (or email Coach C)

Add-On rates to your membership:  Unlimited Members = $15,     

4x/week = $25,      3x/week = $35  drop-in's $10/class

4.  (Optional) If you want to purchase a log card to track your meters, it makes it easy to not have to upload each time. (Optional) If you want to purchase a smartphone or apple connect cable you can do that too.  Or you can take a screenshot of the monitor too (FREE).

5.  Start rowing on 11/23!

If you have any questions, please email Coach Carla




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