Class Programming Update

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, the class WOD programming has been different over the past few months. Fitness is an ever-evolving science with new information, ideas, and opinions coming out regularly. Some of them are really great, some are interesting, other provide great results, and yeah, some of them are trash. It’s important, however, to continually look to expand, grow, and evolve in how fitness is prescribed and performed, and CrossFit is no different.

For the past few weeks and moving forward our Class Programming will be a collaborative effort amongst the entire Coaching staff with the following goal: to provide a great workout experience that delivers results, is constantly varied, safe, and sets members on the path of progression and continued physical and mental improvement. While you may see a flare from one Coach or another (sexy bear crawls… yes, we all know who those come from), but a workout is not, “xxxxx Coach’s workout!.” Each and every class workout is a collaborative effort that is the result of hours of discussion, dissection, and recreation in order to provide you with the best 60 minutes of your day.

Though programming is a collaborative effort, each month will still have a focus while still falling under what defines CrossFit: constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement. We’re starting off November with a focus on overhead and shoulder stability. Bus drivers, handstand push up practice, and Russian Dips, are a small example of this. This does not mean we’ll have specific shoulder movements every single day, it just means that you’ll see slightly more movements in the programming to assist with strengthening the muscles in and around the shoulder joint in order to provide more strength and stability when supporting a load where the primary mover is the shoulder.

While we’re on the topic of change, we also want to let you know that you can expect some other changes as we get ready to move across the street early in 2018. One of these changes will be moving away from Wodify and into SugarWOD. Our goal is to have all of our workouts posted in there and solely using that platform the week of December 4th. You may see us integrate it in prior to that as well, and we encourage you to download the SugarWOD app in either the Apple Store or Google Play before then. Your benchmark barbell movements (squat, shoulder press, deadlift, etc) and your benchmark metcons (think: Hero and Girl WODs) will also be transferred over automatically. Soon after that we’ll also be moving away from Wodify as the payment processor and attendance tracking system as we prepare for our move. More to come on that in the next few weeks.

As always, we love your feedback and invite you to send an email directly to Coach Poach if you have questions or feedback about the programming.

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