6 Week Yoga for CrossFitters

Ask and you shall receive! 

After an overwhelming number of requests to bring back Yoga now that JoHannah is back in town, we've decided to create a 6-week Yoga Program specifically for us CrossFitters who may not have much experience with Yoga. Before i get into the details, I want to extol the benefits I've seen from practicing Yoga myself the past few weeks. I signed up for Balanced Yoga's New Student Special of 20 days for $20 and have been absolutely LOVING it! Balanced Yoga will be opening a new location inside the District Athletic Club so i figured it would be good for me to get to know some of their staff, and their practice, so that i can properly speak to it when people ask about Balanced Yoga at the DAC. 

In the 3 weeks i've been practicing i have already noticed an increased range of motion with my hips, easily one of my least mobile joints. I was also reminded of how much work my core strength needs, and that I'm not the best with balance exercises. Considering balance is one of the 10 general skills of CrossFit, it's probably something i should be working on more. Yoga has been challenging for me, but it's also been fun to learn and try new things. It's a kick in the butt for sure, and i absolutely love it! 

In light of this, we'll be holding a 6-week Yoga program is designed for us CrossFitters who could benefit greatly from some extra stretching and mobility, in addition to some mindfulness and meditation. Our resident RYS 200 Teacher and CrossFit Coach, JoHannah, will be taking people through 6 weeks of a progressive Yoga program, making it perfect for anyone who has never practiced Yoga before, all the way to your hardcore Yogi. The first two weeks will focus on basic Yoga flow and movements, progressing into a more intermediate flow the following two weeks, and finishing with some more advanced movements and positions. Don't worry though, just like CrossFit, Yoga is completely scalable and modifiable so every week will be appropriate for you no matter how you're progressing.

This program will meet across the hall in the DAC PT space to provide the most optimal environment to connect with yourself and your body. It's also quite a bit warmer in there than in the back room of CFNH wink


Sundays from 10:30 – 11:30am for 6 weeks, beginning 11/5, and ending on 12/17 (no class on Sunday 11/26, Thanksgiving weekend)

Cost is for the whole 6-week program, not per class.

$20 for Unlimited members 
$35 for 4x/week members 
$50 for 3x/week members 
$60 for non-CFNH members
DAC PT members – inquire about pricing with Derek!

Even at the non-CFNH member price that is $10/class, pretty darn good for a quality yoga class! You will pay upfront for all 6 classes and there are no refunds for missed classes.

Interested? Email Coach Lindsay to get signed up!



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