“Keep Me Accountable” Nutrition Challenge

Good nutrition isn’t defined by restricting certain foods or crash diets; It’s about fueling your body with what it needs for you to feel your best, perform your best, and to make progress toward your personal goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, since there are so many factors that go into how you process the food you eat (different body composition, age, gender, food intolerances/allergies, activity level, etc.) You need to learn how to eat for your own body, including how much you should be eating.

Making positive changes to your nutrition and building new healthy habits sound pretty easy in theory. The first step is understanding what changes need to be made [and why], which isn’t as complicated or as daunting as it seems. It’s about identifying the foods that don’t agree with you, or that act as a trigger to your bad habits. More than anything else, it’s about understanding how much you should be consuming, to fit your activity level and your body composition goals.

The difficult part of the process will be adjusting your habits, staying consistent and holding yourself accountable to your goals. The first few weeks of a shift in your nutrition will be the most vulnerable time, with more opportunity to make mistakes or fall off track. With the right people by your side, supporting you and holding you accountable to your goals, the process feels less overwhelming.

After 4-6 weeks of consistency with your nutrition, support from friends, and learning about your body, there will be noticeable changes. Maybe your energy is at an all-time high, or your pants are fitting looser, or your workouts are feeling better than ever. These are changes that keep us motivated and focused to continue our good habits well into the future. You’ll also feel more confident about making decisions about your food on a daily basis.

Now let's get to the good stuff:

We’d like to formally announce that registration has begun for our “Keep Me Accountable” Nutrition Challenge [+ Holiday Survival Guide]

Get ready: this is a challenge unlike any other that we’ve done. This group’s main focus will be to ensure accountability from all members. If you have trouble sticking to a nutrition plan, this group will be for you.

When does it start? November 1, 2017

What you get: Each member of the Fall Nutrition Challenge will receive their own personalized macro breakdown, which they will follow throughout the 5-week program. This may be recalculated once throughout the challenge, if appropriate progress has been made. You will be joining the private facebook group for this challenge, as well as logging all of your food into a food tracking app (most likely My Fitness Pal). This group will feature weekly blog posts and information sharing among members. Each week will feature a different topic to help guide you through your nutrition journey, and challenges to keep you on track.

The rules:
• The nutrition coaches will keep a log of everyone’s personalized macro/calorie breakdown. For 5 weeks, each member will be submitting a screenshot of their completed food diary by the end of day, EVERY DAY.
• At the end of each week, the coaches will be ranking the members based on their accuracy to their personalized numbers throughout the week.
• Each week, there will be an additional challenge on top of simply hitting your numbers each day. This challenge will pertain to that week’s topic, and must be completed by submitting “photo proof” by end of day Friday.
• Each member will need to take progess photos each week (though these will not be shared with the group.) The photos will be for personal reference, and the member may choose to share the before/after at the end of the 5 weeks, if they choose.
• Each member will weigh themselves no more than once a week [and keep for personal reference or to share with the coaches, if they wish.]

What do you win?
You will have a better understanding about your body and what is required of you to reach your desired goals. You will learn how to implement these lifestyle changes, and you will be directly responsible for the results that you see at the end of the 5 weeks. You will have a support group to hold you responsible, and provide additional guidance throughout the journey. You will have set the groundwork for positive changes in your diet and lifestyle.

If that’s not enough incentive, then the winner of the challenge [whoever was able to hit their numbers most accurately, and who completed ALL challenges per the rules] will win a brand new pair of workout pants from the store of their choice [think: Lululemon or Nike.] That’s right, your next pair of pants is on us… because you’ll need it.

How much does it cost, and how do you register?
The cost to join the 5 week challenge will be $75
This challenge is open to anyone, as it is entirely online based.
To register, please follow this link.

If you have any additional questions about the challenge, then please contact Lindsay at either email: lindsay@dacpersonaltraining or lindsay@crossfitnewhaven.com

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