October Male Athlete of the Month: Allen Corona

Congrats to our October Male Athlete of the Month: Allen Corona.
He's been starting his day and ending his day at CFNH, as a staple member of the 5:30am crew and the New Haven Weightlifting Club! 

1. When and where did you start CrossFitting?
Started on September 12 of 2016 at CFNH.

2. You’ve been a member here for a little over a year, and have been spending some extra time with the NHWLC lately! How have your goals and/or motivations changed in the last year? Since we're mostly through 2017, what are some of your goals for the rest of the year?
I've become more driven to obtain my goals, which include to become stronger and hopefully be able to enter competitions in the near future.
I plan to train harder to become as strong as some people that inspire me at CFNH.

3. What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you're most proud?
Being able to get rid of the fear of lifting more weight than I was lifting before.

4. Do you adhere to any form of daily/weekly diet regimen to power your workouts? 
Coffee, a lot of coffee. That's the reason I'm smiling all the time.

5. What does your dream cheat meal/day look like?
Huge cone of ice cream.

5. Design 2 WODs:  1 that is your bread & butter, filled with your movement strengths;
5 times
10 HPCS(105 lb)
10 burpees
30 DU
6 pull ups

1 that is all goats (movement weaknesses you feel you need to improve).
AMAP for 25 min
800 m running
5 handstand pushups
3 Ring muscle ups
15 front Squats 105 lb

6. How do you spend your time when you're away from CFNH?

7. What is one fact that other CFNHers may not know about you?
I've been a vegetarian for 4 years.

8.  Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at CFNH?
Work harder every time you are at CFNH because you are in the best of hands.


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