New CFNH Competition Group & Extended Programming

Coach Haggerty has put together an informational blog post about the new CFNH Comp. Group! Please read through this post to see if the Competition Group could be a fit for you!
We encourage all who are interested to attend the info session
 this Saturday (10/7) at 9AM to learn more.

What it is:
We are putting together a 2-part program. The first will provide additional structure to athletes who are looking to compete in CrossFit competitions (either just for fun or seriously compete). The second is separate and is for those athletes who train 4-5 times a week regularly and would like to spend more time working on more advanced movements & training. We know there are many athletes out there who have voiced interest in competing in competitions but have yet to make the jump and actually sign up. Or there are those who have done a couple and would like to do more. Part of what this program will be for is to help bridge that gap. We want to make the group of athletes who are looking to do competitions and/or partners better known to others who are interested and provide an opportunity to practice the competition WODs with your peers.
Additionally, we know there are athletes who are looking to add an additional piece to their current training at CFNH. The second part of this new program will provide just that. The first piece is open to all members whether you will be doing the competition ‘scaled’ ‘rx’ or somewhere in between. The second portion will have some standards due to liability and to make sure that we are training ‘smart’ and not overloading our athletes.

The CFNH Comp. Group which is open to all athletes who are interested in doing competitions. Whether you plan to compete individually, as a team, rx, scaled, just for fun, or for serious competition, this is for you. There are technically no real requirements for you here other than to give us your email address (which we already have). Our goal is to do a competition once every 2 months (you do not have to do every competition, but we want the option to be there for you). About 2 or 3 weeks prior to the day of the competition a class will be held (likely on a weekend) where we will practice the workouts with your partners and the rest of the athletes competing.

The second part of this will be additional programming on top of the CFNH workouts. This will constitute 2 days of extra accessory work (about 20 – 30 minutes to be done on your own time) in addition to your normal workouts and 1 class/week that will take place on a day of the week TBD (likely a Saturday or Sunday). During this class we will complete 3 metcons over the course of about 90 – 120 minutes to mimic a competition-like structure.

Standards & Requirements:
The baseline standard for any aspect of this program that you might be interested in is that you have an Unlimited membership. That does not mean you cannot do the competitions, the more people we have the better, but you will not be able to join us for the practice class a few weeks before and cannot participate in the extra programming.
After that if you are interested in the extended programming the following standards will have to be met with little to no exceptions. If at any time in the future you meet these standards you can begin this part of the program, there is no set entry time or period.
1- You work out 4-5 times/week regularly and can RX all CFNH workouts in a given week (temporary injury exceptions apply of course)
2- You can RX+ at least one work at week, generally – this is somewhat of a gray area but we will have more info to come on this in the informational session this weekend
3- You are looking to compete in competitions, & the Opens, whether for fun or otherwise

If you do not yet meet these standards then the CFNH baseline programming is exactly where you should be. Whether your goal is to start hitting that RX button consistently or to start being able to do RX+ workouts all the programming you need is already provided. And of course, you know you are ALWAYS able to ask a coach for some help in meeting or setting specific goals which can help you get there so PLEASE do!

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