Lift Up Autism 2017 at CrossFit New Haven

On Saturday, September 23rd CrossFit New Haven will be hosting our second Lift Up Autism event during all regularly scheduled classes. We will be performing the workout, “Luke” that consists of Power Cleans, Jump Rope, and Pull-ups. We’ll be collecting funds both at this event, and at our social event on Friday, September 15th at 7:30pm (details on that below), and donating them to Autism Resource & Services Connecticut (ASRC). In 2015 we raised $900 for them and we’re hoping to well surpass the $1,000 mark this year. Since the goal of this day is to raise awareness about what Autism is along with raising money for a fantastic resource center for those who live deeper within the Autism spectrum, we invite you to bring any and all friends and family to this workout. We will have a scaled version that ANYONE can do, whether they have done CrossFit or not, are fit or not, or may even be on the Spectrum.

As something that is near and dear to one of our members’ hearts, Tanya I, whose son is on the Autism Spectrum, we want to help people understand more about this condition. When i sat down with Tanya to discuss the event, i admitted to her that i know very little about it, and i’m confident that i’m not alone. Part of the goal is to help all of us understand what “The Spectrum” means, what it is, and interestingly enough, to find out where YOU fall on the Spectrum. “I am NOT on the Autism Spectrum,” you say…


We are all on the Spectrum somewhere. Consider this line from William Stillman’s article, “Everyone Has Autism,”

The curious thing is we all have autism to one degree or another! We’ve all experienced neurological crossed-wires that result in motor-control blips, misfires and disconnects. You experienced an “autism” if you’ve:

  • driven from Point A to Point B, but upon arriving at Point B you have no recollection of the drive.
  • had to physically retrace your steps in order to remember something, or you’ve misplaced something you suddenly realize you’ve been holding the whole time you’ve been searching for it (a pair of scissors or your eyeglasses).
  • ever been so angry, or afraid, and words escaped you in the moment.
  • absolutely had to scratch an itch and could not focus on anything else until you were so relieved.

If any of these have happened to you then guess what, you’re “on the spectrum.” But what is the spectrum? How big is it? Is it never ending like the universe, or does it have a start and end? Answer: we don’t know! The more we understand our own “quirks,” if you will, the better we can understand how to work and interact with someone who may have more difficulty than you outwardly expressing the feelings and words inside their brains.

So we’re going to have some fun on Friday, September 15th at 7:30pm.

We’re going to have a social hour where we play some games and learn more about Autism from the people who live and work with it every day. We’re going to play some games that will be both fun, and enlightening. We’ll have some people speak about their experiences with Autism, from professionals who work with those on the Spectrum, people whose children have been diagnosed as being “on the spectrum,” and more. We invite you to bring your friends and family members as well, along with your favorite beverages if you’d like. Afterwards, we’re all going to head down to see our favorite bartender, Lori G at Portofino's where she has something special in store for us. There will NOT be a workout this night. Instead, we’re going to learn, discuss, and have some fun in an attempt to better understand Autism and “the spectrum.” We hope you’ll join us!

If you’re unable to make it to the event on Friday, Sept 15th, you’re still welcome and encouraged to come workout on Saturday, September 23rd at any of our regularly scheduled classes. More details to follow on this day specifically. In the meantime, you can register for the event here:

(note: the date in the video is not the date of our event. Our event is on Saturday, Sept 23rd)

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