August Female Athlete of the Month

Did you eat 4 pounds of fruit yesterday?  Because Erin Hellthaler may have as she fuels for two in recent months. CFNH's Next Top Paleo Challenge Spokesperson is our August Female Athlete of the Month!

1.       When and where did you start CrossFitting?

Coach JoHannah and I bought a Groupon to North Haven Crossfit in the fall of 2012. Those early days were quite the adventure – I recently found the notebook where I recorded those first workouts. Let’s just say I’ve come a LONG way!

2.       You're effectively working out for two these days – how have your goals and/or motivations changed in the last year?  We're halfway through 2017, what are some of your goals for the rest of the year? 

In my mid-twenties, I’d developed this “all or nothing” attitude related to health and fitness. I’d either be training 7 days a week and following some bizarre diet, or not working out at all and crushing the wine and cheese. When I started Crossfit I knew that if I had that approach I wouldn’t last long. I committed to sticking with it both through phases when I am super motivated and working against personal fitness goals AND when I need to prioritize other things in my life and maintenance is the objective. Might not be the most inspiring story, BUT it’s been almost 5 years later and I am at it!

This mindset has really supported me through my pregnancy. As things get harder, or certain movements become physically impossible, I am really focused on what I can do for my body and baby, versus what I can’t. The coaches have been so supportive and they help me to adapt movements so that I get the most out of every WOD. My goal for the rest of the year is to keep exercising in a way that supports a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery! Then, I’ll reassess!

PS – If you think about it, I am essentially wearing a 20lb weight vest for every workout, so my theory is that I will come back post baby ready to kill it in 2018!

3.       What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you're most proud?

Quick CFNH infomercial:

Last spring (2016) I participated in the running clinic. It really helped me become more efficient with sprints and WODs with longer distances. I’ve been pretty disciplined at applying the skills I learned and it has made a big difference in running workouts, even in pregnancy!

I am also really proud when I can see gains over a set period of time. Whenever I participate in the paleo challenge I see marked improvement in my workouts over that time period. Last time I had a deadlift PR, shoulder press PR, and backsquat PR. Not too shabby, you should sign up.

4.       Do you adhere to any form of daily/weekly diet regimen to power your workouts?  What does your dream cheat meal/day look like?

These days I just give in to whatever crazy pregnancy cravings come my way. Lately, I’ve been eating about 4 pounds of fruit a day. I am not kidding. Yesterday, I ate a quarter of a watermelon, a half a pineapple, two peaches, and a banana. I am also super into peanut butter, and fro-yo makes at least a thrice weekly appearance on the menu.

Pregnant or not: hydration is key! I consistently notice a big difference in my physical and mental performance when I am not drinking enough water.

5.       Design 2 WODs:  1 that is your bread & butter, filled with your movement strengths; 1 that is all goats (movement weaknesses you feel you need to improve).

Chipper – 4 rounds/ 25 min
25 Wall Balls
25 Power Cleans
400m Run
25 Abmat

Least Favorite:
21 – 15 – 9
Overhead squats
Burpee over barbell

6.       How do you spend your time when you're away from CFNH?

My husband and I have a big garden and we love cooking things we grow ourselves. We spend a ton of time outdoors – camping, hiking, etc. I am usually all in on a home improvement or DIY project on the weekend. We also have a big 90 pound puppy (she’s actually almost 11) who keeps us busy!

7.       What is one fact that other CFNHers may not know about you?

Even though I preach balance and moderation, I have a competitive side and all of the other athletes really motivate me to do better – – so sometimes, I pick someone in class and make it my personal mission to kick their butt in the workout. It could be you (but it’s usually JoHannah – she’s in for it when she gets back)! wink

8.       Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at CFNH?

Just more of the same – keep showing up, don’t feel like it has to be all or nothing and you will probably surprise yourself!

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