Mark Your Calendars for August 26th – Body Comp Cryo is Coming!

We’ve got something pretty exciting in the works for our CFNH community, which I think will prove to be helpful to many of our individual fitness and nutrition goals. You might have already seen the poster, or heard some of the coaches talking about it, but on August 26th we’re being visited by the Body Comp Cryo truck. Basically, it’s a one-stop-shop for all of our body composition and recovery needs. Tim, the owner, will be driving up his trailer that contains some awesome services. He’ll be parked outside of our gym from 6am-1pm on Saturday 8/26. You can pay for these services a la cart, so you can choose just one or multiple services- it's totally up to you. You’ll be paying Tim directly, so this cannot be paid for through Wodify. He accepts cash or credit card for any of the services.

Here's what he's offering, and a brief description of each:

Whole Body Cryotherapy: You will stand in a cold “sauna” from the neck down for up to 3 minutes, in minus 220 degrees. This allows for pain relief by shunting fluid from muscles and joints, reducing swelling and inflammation. This is equivalent to 20 minutes in an ice bath. 
First timers introductory rate is $40, a single session is $55, and 3 session package is $140
Body Fat Testing using BodPod: The BodPod uses air displacement for a very accurate measure of percent and pounds of body fat and lean muscle mass. This allows you to track your progress in the gym, by calculating fat loss and lean muscle gain. For accurate results, this test must be done in a fasted state (at least 2 hours). Testing takes less than 5 minutes. Note: you will need to wear tight fitting clothes (spandex shorts and/or tight bathing suit).
Bod Pod 1 time only test is $45, package of 3 tests is $125 

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing: This Body Gem system provides you with an accurate daily calorie count. This allows you to know how many calories you burn at rest. This information will allow you to set achievable goals and to keep you motivated.  This test requires you to sit quietly for about 5 minutes and breath into a mouthpiece.  For accurate results, this test should be done in a fasted state (at least 2 hours).
One time test is $45, or package of 3 tests is $120
*BodPod body composition + RMR testing combo: 1 time test $80 , or 3 test package $215

Sports Cupping: This is a negative pressure massage. The cups applied to the skin release bound up fascia. This allows release of toxins and fluids leading to fast recovery of muscle and joint inflammation. 
20 min for $30, 30 min for $40, 60 min for $60
Normatec: Pulse recovery massage where you can control the pressure.  This technique uses sequential pressure massage to remove pooled fluid in overused legs and arms for more rapid recovery.  This has been shown to allow increased intensity of workouts and less downtime. 
20 min for $20, or 30 min for $25


If your body has been in need of a little extra attention in terms of recovery, then I encourage you to try one of the recovery therapies he offers.
If you’ve been thinking about starting a new nutrition program, or just getting your diet in check, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get some accurate starting data for tracking body comp progress.

In terms of logistics, I have a couple notes:
• If you’re looking to get body composition testing done, please plan to get this done prior to your workout. You should be in a fasted state, so give yourself enough time after the test to eat/drink prior to your workout!
• Appointments won’t be necessary for the body composition tests or for cryotherapy, since they don’t take long to administer. For cupping and normatec, you can make an appointment (email or see Lindsay about this), to ensure you get a spot.
For the Bod Pod testing: Do not eat, drink or exercise at least 2 hours prior to testing. You should use the bathroom before testing. You’ll be asked to remove all jewelry and eyeglasses- only form fitting clothing will be worn in the pod, for the most accurate results. This means thin spandex shorts/bike shorts for men, or a swimsuit/sports bra & spandex shorts for women.
We’ll send out another reminder before August 26th, but we wanted to put this on your radar now!

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

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