Kettlebell Kitchen & Your Nutritional Goals

In our last blog post about nutrition, I touched on some of the reasons why diets often don’t last, and why they’re unsustainable. Making changes to our nutrition can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when we’re juggling so many other things in our lives (kids, school, work, etc). Choosing the right foods, and then actually prepping that food for a week worth of healthy eating, can feel like an impossible task. Most people know they should be eating better, but admit to not having the time or energy to dedicate to it. “Eating better” doesn’t always mean just choosing the healthiest options, it also means eating the appropriate amount of food for your body to function optimally. This is especially true if you’re attending Crossfit multiple times a week! Fueling your body for exercise and recovery is key to seeing the results we’re after.

So let’s talk about Kettlebell Kitchen. You should all be familiar with who they are and what kind of service they provide. If you’re new to Crossfit New Haven, and you’re not familiar then here’s a brief rundown: they want to simplify the struggle people have with food to meet their goals—whether weight loss, muscle gain, or sports performance. They do this by offering clean, pre-made meals that are tailored to you and your fitness goals. Their mission is to functionally enhance the human body by giving it the right nutrients to thrive. For some of you, this could be exactly the service you need to get into the swing of a new nutrition program.

If you’re interested in working this into your current diet, my suggestion would be to replace one of your meals each day with one of their prepared meals. Nutrition facts are provided on each meal, which is perfect for those working within calorie/macro goals. You also have 2 size options (medium & large) for each meal, which gives you even more flexibility in fitting the meals into your daily goals.

You’ve got a couple options in figuring out how Kettlebell Kitchen can work for you. The company offers a 15 minute phone consultation with one of their on-staff nutritionists. Click here to schedule that!
Your other option would be to speak with the team at DAC PT about your nutrition goals, to try to find the calorie breakdown that works best for you. You’ll be in a better position to choose the right meals from the KBK menu that speak to your personal goals. Shoot me an email if you’re looking for some nutritional guidance and help choosing the right KBK meals:

Be sure to take advantage of the 50% off you first purchase (for anyone who has yet to try KBK.) It's absolutely worth it to at least try it out and see how it can benefit you.
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