Friday Night Women’s Wine and WOD

A very special evening is coming back to CFNH.  Coach Carla is on deck at 7:30 pm this Friday Night with the ladies.

(Photo:  C'OB)

In 2012, I held an evening entitled, “Reveal Yourself” with the ladies of CFNH, some who you still see around the gym today, 5 years later.  That May evening we celebrated our self-confidence and revealed ourselves with a very empowering Sports Bra WOD.  

This Friday we let go of our roles and be reminded we need to put ourselves first.  We need to expand our minds, we need to rid the emotional baggage that faces in our lives every day; mentally and physically.  There is a lot you have to overcome in your own life.  Whatever that is, you work very hard each day to make the best of your true self.  Celebrate yourself this Friday evening.  We are different shapes and sizes and our hearts, bodies, and minds are filled with so much more than what external social pressures infect our lives with.  We will acknowledge that at times we may feel uncomfortable in your own skin.   Yet, we need to love the skin we were born in all the time.  The workout is centered around each of us supporting one another to feel comfortable in our bodies — exactly as we are at this moment.  Not when we were 8, 18, 28, or yesterday.  Not only will you lift each other up (not literally!), but you'll feel empowered after this one.

On June 16, 2017, at 7:30 PM…The BIG Re-Reveal!


When: WOD on Friday, June 16th from 7:30 – 8:30 pm.

Who:  LADIES ONLY.  Sorry, gents we are getting ready for a very special evening and this evening is strictly for the women of CFNH only.  No boys are allowed.

What:  The WOD will be different from the Class WOD.  There will be a unique strength component with an extra special workout and very special finish.

What to Bring:  

1.  A SPORTS BRA YOU FEEL SENSATIONAL IN! (Like the ladies displayed here, circa 2012)

2.  BYOB:  A bottle of wine.  White, Red, Rose, or all the blends in between.  (If you don't drink wine, bring your liquid to imbibe upon).  Snacks and apps are welcomed too!

Leave the men at home.  Get a sitter.  Celebrate yourself.  Get to the gym, all you beautiful women, for this special evening.  We will have a great workout, wonderful tasting of all of our favorites, great laughs, and fond memories.

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