The 2nd annual Dragon Boat Regatta

Lisa Siedlarz is organizing a CrossFit New Haven team for the 2nd Annual Dragon Boat Regatta. You can contact her for more details through her email


Attention all you fun seekers!! The 2nd annual Dragon Boat Regatta is scheduled for Saturday, June 3, 2017 at Long Wharf New Haven. Long Wharf Pier 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. Let’s do this!

Why? It’s a fundraiser for the Canal Dock Boathouse which offers multiple types of recreational and competitive boating opportunities, from dragon boating, to rowing & sailing, as well as environmental education programs through a partnership with the University of New Haven.

What is a Dragon Boat you ask? Essentially, it’s a 40-foot canoe with 20 paddlers, a drummer to maintain the cadence, and a sweep or steers-person. The paddlers sit side-by- side in rows of two, and work together in unison to propel the boat to the finishing line.

You can see some great examples on the Canal Dock Boathouse's Facebook page

That sounds like fun! Then let’s put together a CFNH team. We need a minimum of 21 and a max of 24 teammates, 6 of which must be women. We need an awesome team name (prize for that) with great costumes (prize for that!) and great team spirit (prize for that too!). And best of all – NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Tell me more! There will be 2 to 3 heats of 250 meter sprints with a final championship sprint, which I totally think will include us.

Is it expensive? The cost of the boat is $2,000, split between however many team members we get to participate. But that gets us the boat, all the equipment, a drum, a seasoned steer person, entry into the food truck festival, and hour practice session the week before with a trained professional. We can have foot at our tent. Yes, alcohol is allowed but paddlers cannot drink until after our races. Safety first. So if we get 24 teammates, the cost is about $85 per person.

What’s in it for me? Well, Dragon Boating is super fun, high-spirited, and a great team-building experience! It’s easy to learn, extremely safe, and an activity where men and women can paddle and compete side by side towards the same goal. Plus you get to hang by the water all day, eating, drinking, and having fun. And who doesn’t love a competition?

Last year there were 10 teams. The New Haven Bike Club’s team the Wheel Good Paddlers won the race. A few other teams were: the SARGENT LOCKness MONSTERS, the Municipaddlers, the Boathouse OARchitects, and the Gland Masters from Yale Endocrinology. Hey – CFNH Crewcibles? Huh? Huh??

Are their prizes? Youbetcha. The regatta awards prizes to teams in the following categories:

1. Best Team Song/Cheer (Dance moves totally count!)

2. Best Costume/Uniform

3. Best Team Name

4. Best Athlete Village Camp/tailgate site

Still not convinced? Watch this:

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