The “Whole Nutrition” Challenge!

With so much information floating around about what foods are “good” and “clean”, and which fad diets are the best for shedding unwanted weight, it’s becoming more and more difficult to figure out what to believe.

Crossfit New Haven & DAC PT are hosting a “Whole Nutrition” Challenge to debunk all of the diet myths, and to provide you with the tools to make some real, sustainable changes to your nutrition. That fad diet might help you lose fat (and that hard-earned muscle) temporarily, but the repercussions of those diets will have lasting effects on your body, and will almost inevitably cause that weight to return with a vengeance.

The truth is, there are no shortcuts involved in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and there are certainly no one-size-fits-all diets. The best thing we can do is arm ourselves with facts and useful information about how our bodies process and utilize food, and start to understand the ways in which our own bodies react to certain foods.

This is not your average challenge- there are no free prizes to win at the end of this. The “Whole Nutrition” Challenge will give you the information necessary to make informed dietary decisions, an increased awareness of your body and digestion, your unique daily caloric goals, and ways to track and measure your food.

Sign up PRIOR to Saturday, April 29th. Spots are limited! The cost is $50 per person. 
We ask that you download the MyFitnessPal app in order to track the week prior to the initial meeting. No need to weigh and measure for this period- it’s just to get an estimate of caloric intake and the types of food choices made.
Tracking will officially begin on the Monday following the meeting!


Send an email to to reserve your spot!




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