April Female Athlete of the Month

“The limitations we have are usually those that our minds place upon us.”  – Kelly Lavoie

CFNH's coaches couldn't have said it better ouselves.  Our resident US Women's National Sled Hockey team member and April Athlete of the Month!


1.  When and where did you start CrossFitting?

I started CrossFitting in December of 2015.  I was looking for another avenue to enhance my training for the US Women's National Sled Hockey team and I did not want to go to the typical gym where you worked by yourself just lifting weights.  Those gyms also have very little cardio I can actually use, so I felt like the membership I would be paying would be at the minimum half wasted.  I heard nothing but good things about CrossFit so I wanted to try it out.  I reached out to a few gyms letting them know I was a disabled national athlete and was interested in doing CrossFit.  While other gyms had a less than favorable response, CrossFit New Haven answered enthusiastically and invited me to meet with Aaron and Carla.  Within 5 minutes of my meeting with them, they were already figuring out adaptations for me.  From there…it is history.

2.  How have your goals and/or motivations changed in the last year?  What are some of your goals for 2017? 

My motivation is still somewhat the same as it was last year.  I want to be the fittest and strongest I can be so that I can translate those skills to the ice with the National Team.  However, with the addition of my daughter this past November, my motivation added a new component.  I want my daughter to look at me and be proud of everything I have done and accomplished.  I want her to see that you can do anything you set your mind to…regardless of what obstacles may be standing in your way.  My goals for this year is to get back to where I was last summer with my strength and cardio (and weight).  That trailed off once my focus changed to my daughter.  Now that we are in a good routine I think I will be able to accomplish that.  My ultimate goal is to finally do an unassisted pull-up, climb the rope, and make the National Team again for the sixth year in a row.

3.  What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you're most proud?

My most recent accomplishment is becoming a mom.  That trumps everything else.  However, I am amazed that only after two months I won the scaled division of the adaptive open (wheel WOD) and defended that again this year.  Going up against adaptive athletes from all over the world and doing as well as I did amazes me.  Oh…and I am really proud of the fact that I can deadlift 365 pounds (not bad for someone who deadlifts from their knees)

4.  Do you adhere to any form of daily/weekly diet regimen to power your workouts?  What does your dream cheat meal/day look like?

I try like heck to adhere to a diet regimen…but sometimes life gets in the way.  I have been utilizing Kettlebell Kitchen for my lunches/dinners, and I try to eat those things that are for the most part paleo.  It does not always work out the way I plan…but I try.  My cheat meal would be a cheeseburger from 5 Guys, fries, and then anything having to do with chocolate.  I am a bit of a chocoholic…so anytime chocolate is involved makes me extremely happy.

5. Design 2 WODs:  1 that is your bread & butter, filled with your movement strengths; 1 that is all goats (movement weaknesses you feel you need to improve).

My bread and butter workout would be anything having to do with strength.  So I think it would be something like this:

5 rounds for time:

5 deadlifts @75% of max
10 cleans @ 90/65
15 slam balls @30/20

My goat workout would be something like the following:

AMRAP – 20 minutes
10 pullups
15 cal on assault bike (all arms)
5 rope climbs

6. How do you spend your time when you're away from CFNH?

I spend time with my husband, daughter, 2 dogs, cat and bunny.  I also play hockey (on my home team and the national team) and basketball (on both a women's team and a predominately male team).  In the summer time I enjoy going out on my handcycle and water skiing.  If only work would not get in the way.

7. What is one fact that other CFNHers may not know about you?

I have played sports all my life , but track and field has been a big part of it.  In high school I was runner up state champion in the discus and had the furthest throw in the state in shot put my senior year.  In 1998 I was selected to be the head coach of the USA track and field team that competed in the Stoke Mandeville Games in England and in 2000 I coached an athlete to a bronze medal in the shot put and 4th in the world in discus for the 2000 Paralympic games in Sydney, Australia.

8.  Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at CFNH?

Nothing is impossible unless you are unwilling to try.  The limitations we have are usually those that our minds place upon us.    CrossFit seeks to challenge those preconceived limitations and show us that we can in fact do things we never thought possible.  Keep an open mind and be willing to say I will try instead of automatically saying I cannot do something.  You will be pleasantly surprised and you will have an entire gym who are cheering you on all the way.  There is no better place than CFNH.

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