Weekday and Weekend Events at CFNH

We have some wonderful events upcoming in our community.  Please join us for this week's events:

LIFT with Daniel Kunitz

Wednesday November 2nd at 7:30pm

Using his own decade-long journey to transform himself from a fast-food junkie into an ultra-fit—if aging—athlete as a jumping off point, Kunitz argues that another exercise revolution is underway now—a new frontier in fitness, in which the ideal of a bikini body is giving way to a focus on mastering the movements of life.  Books will be available for purchase at the event.  Sponsored by Atticus Cafe and Bookstore and Black Hog Brewery.  For more about the event, please visit our FaceBook event page.

APK Ruck March/5KRun/KidsFunRunb

Saturday Novemeber 5th at 9:00 am

This is a special event for CFNH.  APK Charities, in memory of Andrew Pedersen-Keel, who was a special forces Army Ranger who exemplified duty, honor and country.  His father participated in our 4th of July workout at CFNH and we are thrilled to be able to continue to support APK and the various miliatry organizations for vets, active duty solidiers, their K9's and military families.  

Situated at the beautiful Guilford Fairgrounds, there is a Kids Fun Run at 8:30 followed by the 5K and Ruck March.

THE RUCK MARCH:  YOU WILL BRING A PACKPACK WITH NON-PERIDSHABLE FOOD ITEMS FOR THE ST. GEORGE FOOD PANTRY.   If your bodyweight is <150 pounds, pack 10lbs of food.  >150 pounds pack 20 lbs.  


There are 4 CFNH Teams currently signed up.  Some need additional members.  Teams of 5.  Find Coach Whitney or POZ who will help pair you with a team.  Coach Eric and Jeremy are also looking for a couple of additional ruck marchers.   There is free registration for a team that raises more than $100.REGISTER for either the 5K or YOUR TEAM HERE.












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