October 4 Week Fall Paleo Challenge!

There is a mandatory info meeting and nutrition seminar on Saturday, October 1st at 9:00am for all interested participants. If you are unable to attend, please email office@crossfitnewhaven.com to let us know. Please also sign up directly online here

4 Week Fall Paleo Challenge! October 3rd – October 30th.

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Designed to improve the well-being of CFNH members by focusing efforts on clean eating and proper nutrition. While there is a competitive spirit to the challenge, in the end, it is an individual program and designed for your personal goal setting, while learning or maintaining proper nutrition. Take this challenge seriously, but, don’t let it rule your lives. Please join the CFNH Nutrition and Challenge Group Facebook Page, as challenges, daily tips, and general support, will be found there.  Your teams will also have their own pages or other forms of social media for support. There is a cost of $30 per person, with a cash prize being distributed to the winning team as a Wodify credit which can be used for anything from Kill Cliffs and RX Bars, to clothes and membership. 

NEW FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Kettlebell Kitchen will be providing a discount for all participating members. If you have trouble figuring out what to eat, Kettlebell Kitchen can take the guess work out of eating Paleo. 

30 Days is all it takes to get started
They say that breaking a bad habit takes 21 Days. This challenge will last for 4 weeks, starting on Monday, October 3rd, and end on Sunday, October 30th. One 'week' of the competition will span Monday – Sunday (just like your memberships).

You are placed on a team. Each team will 'face off' weekly. Total points for the week will determine the weekly winning teams. In the event of a tie, food journals will be reviewed to make a decision based on the quality of the food being eaten (yet another reason to keep your journal updated!). After the challenge, the team with the most points is the overall winner. CrossFit New Haven will offer a cash prize awarded as a Wodify account credit (total cash $$ pot will be based on total players for the challenge).

Pre-Requisite Workout, Weigh-in and Measurements:

The Baseline workout will be:
3 Rounds for Time:
10 Burpee / Squat Thrust Barbell Jumps
20 Deadlifts [135/95] 30 Wall Balls [20/14] *If you need modifications just let us know 

  • You must perform the WOD within the first week of the challenge at CrossFit New Haven.
  • Weigh yourself: Only one day & time, in the morning of Day 1. Then again on the last day.
  • Measurements: Waistline only. Horizontal around the belly button.  That is the only area that will count.
  • Points:  Daily points will be given on a variety of things: clean eating, sleep, fish oil supplements, and, of course, WODs.

Food: Points will be determined by the athlete's adherence to the Paleo Diet (guidelines to follow).  We will follow the simple concept of “eating clean.”  If you eat clean for the day, you are given one point.  If you cheat, small, medium, or large, you will not receive a point for that day. 

Alcohol/Cheat Meals: There will be 4 “get out of jail free” opportunities across the 4 weeks.  If you “have to have it”, you may.  However, you MUST pay to play.  If you require a cocktail or bowl of ice cream, then you WILL perform a full tabata of either situps, squats, burpees/squat thrusts or push ups.  We want your metabolism to be turned on before you indulge.  For those of you who decide NOT to take a “get out of jail free”, you will be rewarded!

Sleep: Proper sleep is one of the essential parts of health and fitness.  For each night you sleep at least 7 hours, you will win a point.  For the week, you have the opportunity to win 7 sleep points.

Fish Oil: One bonus point will be awarded for each day if the athlete takes at least 1.8 grams of fish oil (3 G’s is recommended). (http://whole9life.com/fish-oil-faq/).  Vit. D is recommended while on the challenge and is sometimes found with the Fish Oil supplements.

Probiotic:  It is suggested that you take a probiotic in addition to Fish Oil while on this challenge.  It helps to reduce the amount of mucus and heal the lining of the intestines while help aid in digestion.

WODs: You can gain one point for each WOD (up to five points) per week.  For the week, you have the opportunity to win 5 WOD points.

Journals: Journaling of ALL your food will be on-line on WODIFY.  Your team captains will review your journals and tell you if you have received your daily points.  You will keep totals.  Remember to pick your team captain in your Wodify account as your Nutrition Coach. (Settings > my profile > select nutrition coach).

Challenges: Throughout the Paleo Challenge, each week an extra challenge will be presented.  Be on the look out for a sneak challenge—an extra challenge that may present itself during the Challenge.  Easy way to get extra points. It may be a workout, a meal, an outing or a combination of both

Your Team Captains:
Team Captains will be Coaches Carla, Molly and Jared, and Poot. They are right alongside you during the Paleo Challenge. They are your ‘go to’ for all questions you might have about Paleolithic Nutrition. At the end of the day, there is an intuitive feel to these rules that will differ from individual to individual. All daily points will be self-scored daily by the individual in the provided excel document. Everything is done on the honor system. Team captains will gather all weekly data. Team captains will be available to all teammates for all comments and questions.

Your Teammates:
Your teammates are your support mechanisms.  Exchange emails, phone numbers, Facebook and other source of social media necessary.  Use each other.  Talk through the “troubled” times.  Gather around together for meals.  Invite family and friends over for a dinner.  Meet each other for lunch if you have time.  Share recipes and tales of what is working that gets you through the day.

Shopping Lists and Recipes to answer additional questions on paleo eating and servings



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Daily Points Rules Bonus Points Rules
1. Eat real food. Lean meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, healthy oils (EVOO, coconut, avocado, walnut) Avoid canola, vegetable, & seed oils like sunflower, safflower, rapeseed, etc.). Eat foods with very few ingredients, pronounceable ingredients or best yet, no ingredients listed at all!
2. Do NOT eat dairy. This includes cheese, yogurt & milk. And, yes, cream in your coffee.
3. Do NOT eat grains. This includes breads, rices, pastas, corn, oatmeal AND any “gluten-free” pseudo-grains” like quinoa, millet, or sprouted grains.  No tapioca flour, rice flour, etc.
4. Do NOT eat legumes. This includes beans of all kinds, lentils & peanuts. No peanut butter!
5. Do NOT eat sugars of any kind, real or artificial. No sweeteners (truvia, Splenda, cane sugar, cane syrup, high-fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, glucose, dextrose, maltose, anything ending in “-ose”, etc.), agave syrup.
6. Do NOT eat processed foods, meal replacement or protein bars. A high quality protein powder directly after a workout is allowed. RX Bars and Kill Cliffs are allowed immediately after workouts only. 
7. Do NOT consume alcohol, in any form, even in cooking. UNLESS you are taking a “get out of jail free and tabata for it” beverage.

Bonus Points Rules:  Points are awarded on the honor system. Be honest with yourself!
— Earn one bonus point per day that you get 7+ hours of sleep.
— Earn one bonus point per day (maximum of 5 per week) for each workout you complete at CFNH.
— Earn TBD bonus points for performance and improvement on benchmark workouts & skills.

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