Kettlebell Kitchen: How to Order

** Most important things in this article:

  • How to Order
  • Discount Code
  • Macros and Nutritionist Consultation at no additional cost… read on!

We hope you enjoyed the tasting this past Saturday with Kettlebell Kitchen. If you weren’t able to make it, just take a look at the amazing food your fellow athletes are about to order. If the smell alone doesn’t get you to order, a small taste definitely will! CrossFit New Haven is an official drop off location and you’ll see the Kettlebell Kitchen Fridge near the white shelving under the speaker near the side entrance.

The first thing to know is that we have 2 delivery days each week. Food will arrive after 1:00pm on Monday and Thursday. To have food delivered on those days you’ll need to place an order 5 days in advance:
Monday – you’ll want to place your order no later than Wednesday at midnight for Monday delivery
Thursday – place your order no later than Saturday at midnight for Thursday delivery.

The Easy Part:
Setting up an account is super simple.

  1. Visit and click, “Menu”
  2. Click “login” at the top right, and then follow the link asking, “new to Kettlebell Kitchen? Create an account here.
  3. Follow prompts and be sure to select CrossFit New Haven as your default drop off location


The Hard Part:
Picking what food you want! Seriously, go look at the menu and tell me it’s an easy task. Once you select the food you want simply click the Shopping Cart icon at the top right to check out. For the first two weeks all CrossFit New Haven members receive 20% off with code “NEWHAVEN” (one word). There are no minimum ordering requirements either, you can order 1 meal, or 10+ meals. If you missed the tasting, why not order 1 thing that looks good and get 20% off? I’m confident you’ll enjoy it and want to try it again. 

Are you following a specific Marco count, or maybe you're strict paleo or have some other dietary reatrictions or modifications? Clicking on the image of the food will give you the calories, fats, proteins, and carb breakdown for each meal. Kettlebell Kitchen will also set you up with their Nutritionist, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, to help you design a plan that fits YOUR goals.

Feel free to post your questions below and we hope you’ll take advantage of this time-saving, health-giving, performance-increasing service! 

Lauren and Christina from Kettlebell Kitchen feeding us this past Saturday. Thanks for coming out, Ladies!

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