CrossFit Total Test Day

This Saturday we will not have regular classes at 10am and 11am but rather an opportunity for you to find your 1 Rep Maxes in the back squat, strict shoulder press, and the deadlift in a workout known as CrossFit Total. Your score is the total combined weight of the heaviest lift of each. We will have regular classes at 7, 8, and 9:00am, but 10am – 12pm will be reserved for those looking to perform the CrossFit total. If you're interested in participating then continue reading:

What is CrossFit Total?

If you missed it above, it's an opportunity to find a 1RM in the back squat, shoulder press, and deadlift, but there are rules! First and foremost is that you need to stay safe. We'll have a few extra Coaches on that day, and with help from our Coaching Interns, we'll be there to help guide you with what weight to do, be a spotter, or if necessary, tell you to stop. There's a difference between grinding to get out of the hole of a back squat, and letting your chest fall so far forward that your back becomes parallel with the ground – we're definitely not going to let the latter happen.

The other rule is that you only get exactly 20:00 to find your max in each lift. This will be a strict timer. You can't get to 19:42 and say, “well if i miss this, then i'll try again.” 20:00, that's it, once 20:00 is up, you move on to the next 20:00 timer for the next lift. The good news is that 20:00 is plenty of time to find your 1RM! Again, the Coaches will be there to help guide you. If you find your max before 20:00, take a couple minutes rest and then move on. 

Since each movement gets its own 20:00, this will take more than 1 hour to complete. Please arrive no later than 10:45am to start your warm up. Anyone arriving after 11am will not be allowed to begin as the gym closes at 12:00pm. 

I want to do this, what else do i need to know?! Please post any other questions in the comments below!

Ok, rapid fire anwers to FAQs

  • Does this count against my number of days per week? NO, it does not, so don't worry about “saving” one of your days just for this.
  • Will there be a warm up/cool down? Of course! We'll have a hand out with warm ups and post-workout stretches. We'll have extra coaches to help answer questions
  • I can't make it on Saturday, but i really want to do this! Can i make it up another time? As this is a special, one-time event that requires a watchful eye we're unable to allow people to make this one up, or do it another day. You're welcome to reach out to your favorite Coach to set up a Personal Training session. Rates vary by trainer
  • Can i do the class WOD, and then do this? No, we don't recommend that you do the class WOD then do this. You're not going to get an accurate total. 

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