Photo Monday, April 25!

You all did some fantastic work last week and we wanted to take a few moments to feature that. Monday's wod was quite a challenge and had a lot of you pushing to “that place” to keep the rep count up.  Those Sumo Deadlift High Pulls were looking great!  Shout out to several of out athletes for RX+ on that wod!

On Tuesday there was no shortage of gold stars next to your names for your Hang Power Clean work.  Congrats on those PRs and hard work!!

Wednesday brought us Dumbbell Pullovers and, for some, Renegade Rows. Check out a few of the classes doing work with those movements:

1:30 class Pullovers

Christian on the renegade rows

Box Jump time for Mac and Joshua

8:00am Wednesday wod with the doors open!!

Craig hitting his first RX+ wod last week

Candice back in action

Adrienne tackling her first RX wod!

And Craig taking a little siesta after a lot of hard work!

Great job, everyone!  Your hard work hasn't gone unnoticed and we can't wait to see what this week has in store for you!




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