Paleo Challenge Kicks Off!

The teams have been set!  Today, 21 brave members of CFNH start off to begin their Spring into Summer Paleo Challenge.  

Led by Coach Jared, Intern Poot and your truly, Coach C, the teams are:

Team Jared Team Carla Team Poot
Sara Bastomski David Generoso David Reed
Artur Viana Joe Mastroianni Dora Drenkhahn
Mohammad Zafar Deborah Mastroianni Mark Osenko
Ross Bauer John Longyear Ryan Dostie
Emily Moss Lori Gill Julee Motte
Sarah Strohkorb Jenn Pozika Bill Scott
Joshua Sloat Kelly LaVoie Katelyn Johnson

Teams are interestingly divided in this challenge.  There are some real tough compeitiors here, with some former winners of past nutrition challenges.  Although the paleo challenge is for personal reasons, the team aspect of this makes it very fun.  Everyone on these teams will set personal goals for themselves while duking it out for most clean eaters.  The prize, is cash money put back into their Wodify accounts.  Team Leaders are assisting members in their food choices and nutritional needs.  Each team has very ecclectic differences.  Each week teams will go head to head on either individual or group challenges.  No one knows what that will be until it is publicly posted.  

Their first challenge is a 1 mile base line time trial.  They will repeat that at the end of the challenge and see if there are any gains in improved times.  Durinng the challenge, they will be eating ONLY items that are paleo.  If you are curious about the challenge, or cleaning up your food choices here is a list of all approved foods to eat and foods to be avoided while eating Paleo.  (http://crossfitnewhaven.local:8888/images/uploads/blog/2013_paleo_challenge_foodlists.doc).  

If you see these folks in classes, give them a shout out!   They are working hard to accomplish their personal goals over the next 5 weeks.


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