NHWLC Represents at the the New Haven Open

The New Haven Open

The New Haven Open, in its inaugural meet, was the most attended olympic lifting competition within the last 10 years in the CT.  There were over 90 athletes in attendance from several eastern states; which is equivalent to 1/3 of the USAW's 300+ members in Connecticut.  Before you read on about our team, a little history is that NWLC separated out of CFNH about 2 1/2 years ago and in April of 2014, became part of the USAW Association; which is the US Olympic Weightlifting governing body.  NHWLC is part of CFNH and anyone from CFNH or the streets of New Haven can come into the membership and join the program.  Also, all the weight we speak of (body or bumpers) are in KILOGRAMS.  Which means, you need to do Metrics if you would like to know the conversion to pounds.  Quick math is mulitply/divide 2.2.

This amazing group that I am proud to lift with  have all been CF Firebreathers at one time or another.  They just really like to Snatch or Clean and Jerk!  This blog is all about them, and I am still reeling from what an amazing day we had yesterday, here at CFNH.  


Session I 9:30AM – 48 – 63KG Class

Monica Tunez, Nadia Abascal, and Lindsay Washbond were strong and fierce; and we already knew that 'cause we see them all in CFNH classes. They put up some amazing totals, given that their body weight class is one of the smallest. They all pushed their numbers and in the end, had some great PR's and a chance to do it on the big stage.  Big Congrats to Monica for making the podium, medaling with a Silver for overall in her weight class and a Gold for best Junior lifter in her weight class.

Nadia and Monica

Session II 11:15AM – 69 – 75+ KG Class

Molly Leber, Amanda Tripp and Devon Cole were up in the next session.  All of them were looking to hit some personal goals.  They put on their games faces and came out on the other side with big smiles.  Devon walked away with 1st place and strongest lifter in her weight class!  Molly took best Master lifter in her age group and weight class.  Congrats to all the ladies who pushed up the big weights.


Devon went for over 90 kilos in her last attmept!

Session III Mens 56-85Kg s 1:30 PM

Jason Goldberg and Sal kicked it off for the guys.  They both were in their very first meet and looking great in those singlets.  It was a tough field and they held their own.  



Session IV  Men's 94-105+KGS 5:00 PM

This session was loaded with the big boys of CFNH!  Marqua Kelly, Aaron Poach, Marcus Conway, Noah Ottenstein, Michael Pozika, John Nietzel and Keven Kingsbury all competed well into the evening hours.  All of them are so strong, with amazing totals.  The PR's were outstanding.  There was so much to see, with lots of heavy heavy kilos being put up.  In the end, there was some hardware given out to Coach Mike and Keven for best Master's lifter in their age group and weight class, Keven also received a silver medal in his weight class.  Marqua Kelly did an outstanding job and took best Junior lifter in his weight class, with a PR in both snatach and clean and jerk.  Our very own, Coach Aaron Poach, took home the gold medal in his weight class with the amazing total of 255KG.  Congratulations to all the guys from NHWLC.  You did your best and you pushed your limits.  Everyone at CFNH is so proud of you all for getting up there and putting up your best effort lifts.  





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