CFNH Spring Endurance Clinic Overview

Last week Coach Carla posted about the 6 Week Endurance Clinic. A lot of people were very excited about it and had a lot of questions. So we put together this video that hopefully explains all of it. More details are below but hopefully this hits is all.



Details in the video:

  • Email Coaches Mike, Carla, or Aaron by Monday, April 4th to get signed up
  • The upfront cost ranges from $20 – $60, with the possibility of being refunded up to $20 in Wodify credit
  • 3 WODs / week – 2 are done in class, 1 is an independent WOD. 
  • Workouts will be running-centric, but will have additional components as well
  • While you are not required to sign up for a race, you are required to test and re-test to measure improvement
  • First class is Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30pm. The same class is repeated on Friday morning, April 8th at 6:30am
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