Female Athlete of the Month – March

Another 6:30am regular, Lina was profiled in a facebook post back in early January, and I continue to sing her praises.  


1. How did you get started with CrossFit and then with CFNH?
• I got started with CrossFit because the conventional gym and the regiment of the traditional idea of exercise was only allowing me to reach a certain pinnacle and my personal training plateaued due to the repetitiveness of the routine.  Truthfully, I live in East Rock and have driven by many times since the opening of CFNH.  One day I decided enough was enough and joined the CFNH family.

2. Humble-Brag Time.  What are some of your recent accomplishments of which you’re most proud?
• A few of my recent accomplishments at CFNH that have made me most proud has been the ability to perform exercises that I was never able to attempt in the past.  The physical lifting of weights, for instance, when I power clean or deadlift give me the feeling of success.  My proudest moment was accomplishing the rope climb.

3. You have come a long way since starting CrossFit.  What’s been the motivation/inspiration?  What are some of your short-term and long-term goals for 2016?
• My motivation for being part of CrossFit has been to stay in good health for my husband and children so I can be there for them for many years to come.  My inspiration has been the loyal and dedicated women in my life such as my mother and sisters.  No matter how hard it seems sometimes, their struggles have inspired me to preserver.
• My short term goal is to continue improving my strength.
• My long term goals are to complete a pull up and a double under successfully.

4. Do you follow any specific diet or regimen to fuel your Athlete of the Month Level CrossFit performance?  What does your dream cheat meal/day look like?
• I do not follow any specific diet in mind but I am very conscience of what I put into my body on a daily basis.  I cook fresh everyday including all organic fruits and vegetables as well as farm raised chickens including their eggs and other grass fed beef and pork.  I also drink the allotted amount of water for my body structure.  I do not consume any carbonated drinks or artificially flavored beverages.  
• My dream cheat meal would be a gigantic stack of pancakes with a dollop whipped butter doused with Vermont maple syrup and a huge handful of blueberries.  I would also like a side of three eggs over easy and a rasher of breakfast sausages.
• My cheat day would be peace and quiet lying in bed all day watching Netflix.

5. Design (2) WOD’s: One is you bread & butter, filled with your movement strengths; one that is all goats (movement weakness you feel you need to improve).
• Bread & Butter: 15 minute time – 100 meter run, (10) wall balls, (15) ab mats sit ups, (5) power cleans @ 60% and (5) deadlifts @ 70%
• Goats: 15 minute time – 400 meter run, (5) pull ups, (10) double under, (5) snatches and (5) toes to bar

6. How do you spend your time when you’re away from CFNH?
• I spend my time between being a wife and a mother on top go being a make-up artist.  I enjoy taking my kids to their Brazilian Jui Jitsu & Krav Maga classes a few times a week.  I also like to go to the movies with my husband and really enjoy just spending quality time as a family.

7. What is one fun fact people may not know about you?
• One thing people may not know about me is that I really like to joke around and have a good time.

8. Do you have any motivational thoughts or suggestions to folks just getting started at CFNH?
• My advice to anyone just starting CrossFit is to stick it out even when you think you can’t do it.  Make whatever modifications necessary until you reach your goals.  There are days I don’t want to do anything but when I finish my workout I am always happy that I made the choice to exercise.  If you want to succeed, make the choice and commit to the CrossFit New Haven family.

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