Goats: Exposed

We're now 80% the way through the 2016 CrossFit Open.  For many folks, this has been your first exposure to a variety of movements or workout styles: barbell overhead walking lunge steps, high volume toes-to-bar (acting as a buy-in to the workout), progressively heavier cleans, high volume heavy deadlifts, etc.  CrossFit has placed an emphasis on constantly varied, functional movement since its inception and Coach Poach's programming does everything possible to show our athletes different styles and configurations of workouts in order to prepare you for whatever athletic competitions or just plain life throws at you.  And yet, in spite of all your coaches' collective brainstorming, elegant programming, and intensive coaching, by the very nature of the sport and the disparity between what the sport demands and who you are as an athlete, your abilities will still have weak points (in CrossFit parlance, a “goat”) where you could improve significantly.  At the highest level, look no farther than the surprise 2nd to last event at the CrossFit games last year, Pedal to the Medal #1 (~2:31 here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtiJnvr_1fY), which featured 3 peg board ascents before being able to get into the remainder of the workout.  Most long-time CrossFitters had never even heard of a peg-board, let alone performed any practice or workouts on one prior to the announcement of that event and yet, go back in the CrossFit archives, and there the peg-board is in the CrossFit journal in Sept. 2002 described as “wickedly effective, functional, and fun” (http://library.crossfit.com/free/pdf/cfjissue1_Sep02.pdf).  

For those of you who maybe aren't quite at the Games or Regional level, however, what weaknesses of your own have the Open workouts exposed?  What do you need or want to improve in your own athletic ability?  Bar muscle-ups and handstand push-ups don't just happen, they're earned through commitment and hard-work to turn goats into ability.  So, how about it, how do you plan to get over that bar?

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