CFNHE Running Clinic Series announced

Have you ever wanted to run a race? Road Trail Relay Triathalon?  Whatever your goals, we are ready for you.  CFNH Endurance (CFNHE) is taking a new twist for this spring.  This year we will be training as a team, with a common race w/ goal in mind.  Everyone will train together and run in a race, together.  If you don't want to enter a road race, but just train with the team, that is great.  You will have class time and come to run on specific days.  It will ALWAYS be a meet up (the park, the track, the trail) and will include different skills and drills with running.  We will cover tempo, intervals, plyometrics, squatting with jumping, everything to make you get to your desired race pace.  We'll make you comfortable with the uncomfortable.   We will begin the CFNHE Series the last week in March.  

The CFNHE 2015 Ragnar Trail Team: (L-R) Keven, Eric, Mrs. JB, Molly, Coach C, Trish, Jeremy, John Barney, Coach Poz, Dan O'Connel

What do you need to do?

Sign up for the Series and then Pick a Race!

For either of the race series mentioned you will register on your own.  

Race Pick #1: The Go New Haven Go 5K Clean Air Run on May 8, 2016 @ 10:00AM.  

Registration link:

This is an EASY 5K around the park and is for everyone at CFNH who has been coming 3 times/week.  It is also the New Haven City Seed Farmer's Market; with plenty to do that morning for your supporters who come and cheer you on while you are running.  This is a first annual road race, so there will not be huge crowds.  Who knows?  Maybe someone at CFNH will be a podium finisher!

Race Pick #2:  Denali Rock the Gauntlet Obstacle 5K on Sunday May 15, 2016.    

Registration link:

There are 3 heats you can register for.  All CFNHE members are encouraged to sign up for the first heat at 9:00 AM and select CF/Team as CFNHE.  A wonderful trail run where you connect with nature is for those of us who want to combine CrossFit training and the running.  This is a wonderful course up East Rock Park with man-made obstacles.  Again, this is a race for everyone who has been crossfitting and wants additional training added to their workouts.

Other races?

The Mystic 10K and 1/2 Marathon on May 15, 2016 @ 7:00 AM.  This race was announced a long time ago, is sold out, but many athletes from CFNH are running this race in either the 10 K or 1/2.  If you are interested in gettting 6 weeks of consistent training in before your races, the CFNHE series is also for you!  If you have other endurance events you have signed up individually for this spring, we would love fo you to join our clinic series too!  This is for any those of you who may have have signed up up for a race,  need a group to train/run with and add more skills and technique to improve pace times.  

Pricing:  Like the Back to Basics Module, you will be asked to complete the series in it's entirety.  Pricing will be based on your level of membership.  See Coaches Poach, Poz or O'Brien for details.  




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