Spring, has it sprung?

I'm sure you've noticed the extended amounts of sunshine and warmer temps over the last week (!!! thank you !!!). Soon enough we'll have those doors open to let the sun shine in.  I can't wait!  With the transition back to warmer weather comes the ever friendly reminders of cleaning up after yourselves.  Last Sunday, Intern and Athlete, Sean took the time to wipe down and reorganize the entire wall ball wall.  You may have missed it because by Tuesday night it was a mess again.  On behalf of Sean's hard work, Coach Poach's love or all things organized, and your fellow athlete, PLEASE put your equipment back where you found it.  There are marked weights and labels on all of the racks, and even some color coding, to help make this easier for you when the post-wod oxygen depletion leaves you a little foggy.  This goes for jump ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, wall balls, colored bands, bumper plates, etc… please don't just shove them in, take the extra 3 seconds to read the label and return it where you found it. Here is a beautiful photo of what a the correctly organized wall ball and kettlebell rack looks like:

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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