Back to Basics Results!

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who participated in and completed the the inaugural CrossFit New Haven Back to Basics program.  We had 23 CFNH athletes register for the program and 13 who managed to complete all 12 workouts, pre-tests and re-tests.  Although the program demanded a strong commitment from its participants, the overwhelming majority of athletes saw marked improvement in either their absolute strength, strength-endurance, or pull-up virtuousity (in the form of achieving higher level movements such as kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups and/or bar muscle-ups).

The program utilized two tests of each athletes strength, tailored to their ability at the start of the program.  Athletes at the performance and competition level could choose to test their improvement in either standard pull-ups or chest-to-bars in order to standardize the tests and retests.  


Of the 13 athletes who completed the program, there was a weighted average improvement of 72.3% across both tests at all levels.  The average improvement in Test #1 was 99.9% with a range (excluding both extreme positive and negative outliers) from 25.7% to 150% improvement.  For Test #2, the average improvement was 44.7% with a range (again, excluding extreme outliers) from 25% to 60% in the total number of reps completed.  All in all, amazing progress over a short period of time.  


Thanks again to all the athletes who participated and provided feedback on the program.  


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