CrossFit Games 16.2 Warm Up & Tips

16.2 has been announced and it comes with a bonus (maybe multiple bonuses!).



Basically there is a 4:00 cap on doing:

25 Toes-to-bar (scaled = knee raises)

50 Double Unders (100 singles)

Squat Cleans

Before i continue – yes, i wrote “squat clean” but that's only for consistency across the CrossFit Games sites. A squat clean IS a clean, saying “squat clean” is redundent. MOVING ON!

The first round of cleans has 15 reps, and if you complete all of the reps before 4:00, you get another 4:00 to do 25 TTB, 50 DUs, and 13 Cleans… at a heavier weight. This trend continues for up to 20:00.

Let's talk strategy:


— Break them up into manageble sets right from the beginning. You'll need to save your grip strength.

— Instead of doing “double swings” (two kips at the bottom), just drop down after your toes hit, and then jump right back up

— minimize no reps. If you KNOW your toes won't get to the bar, don't even attempt the rep

Double Unders

— Same thing as always: good posture (stand up straight), elbows at your side (no “jet fighter” arms), bounce off the toes (don't pull your knees up)

— DON'T GET FRUSTRATED. If you trip up, take a breath, stay calm and get back on it. Getting angry will only lead to more missed reps


— In order for the rep to count, your hip crease must drop below paralelle, and you must stand all the way up at the top. DO NOT put the bar down until your judge calls it a good rep. 

— Drop the bar from your shoulders every time, even at the light weights. It will save your grip for later rounds

— When it gets heavy, make sure you get into a good set up position. Don't get lazy, it WILL lead to missed/failed reps


Friday Night Lights Warm Up

Warm Up:

— You'll want ot get your core temp up pretty high, and get your heart rate up to 75-80% for a very brief period of time at least 10:00 before the WOD. You'll want to give at least 10:00 for it come back down. Mobility shoulder focus on hips, lats, and calves

500m Row

2 Lunge Complex / leg

5 Inch Worms + 1 push up each time

8 / side bird dog

12 total Cat/Cow

8 / arm T-spine rotations

500m Row @ 80% (not full sprint, but faster than the first one)

Dynamic Movement:

Scap Retractions / Kip Swings / knee raises (2nd round if you have TTB, do 5-7 reps)

Empty BB Deadlifts & Front Squats

Calf Raises & ankle mobility

x 2 Rounds


Build the weight up to whatever the 2nd round weight is for you. Don't do more than 10-15 TOTAL reps, which include the reps building up to that. There should be more reps at lighter wieghts, and less at the heavier weights.


Have some fun! Here's the standings of the Intramural Open after week 1: 



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