Dancing Under the Stars:  It’s THE New Haven Event

What do our athletes Gil Simmons, Kelsey Nawaf and yours truly all have in common?  We love CrossFit New Haven and we love to raise money for very ill children.  


We invite you to come to the Dancing Under the Stars Evening on Friday March 11th at 6:00PM!  This is a very true-to-the-reality show evening!  Since December I have been partnered with a professional dancer and learning how to Tango and Rumba.  

This my partner, Vlad.  This is a sight not to miss!

I will don a pair of ballroom shoes and a bedazzled dress to compete in this compeition for the best dancer.  This is a competition that's right up my alley.  With Kelsey running the show and Gil as our emcee for the evening, we will be in our CFNH finest styles and raising money for the kids.  Tickets are $100/per person and are running out fast.  Please consider supporting this cause.  To get your tickets, call Ronald MacDonald House 203-777-5683 and speak with Celeste.

The CFNH crew cheering on Kelsey and RMH for Dancing under the Stars 2015 as the best of event by New Haven Living!

For more information please link here: http://www.rmhc-ctma.org/ronald-mcdonald-house-connecticut/events/2016-03-11-000000/7th-annual-dancing-under-stars


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