4th Annual CFNH Penguin Bear Plunge

Not for the feint of heart, CFNH is taking the plunge again this year.  Inspired 4 years ago by Coach Dags' fond memories of careening into a literally frozen-over Lake Champlain in his early 20s (an area for plunging was cut into the ice via chainsaw – beat THAT for badassery!), a brave few began an annual tradition of a winter run followed by winter plunging followed by re-establishing a sustainable metabolic temperature by way of food and drink.  

Although we have cherished our time at Cosey Beach the past few years, for 2016, we're going to head to West Haven this Saturday at 2pm for a run and dip.  All those interested in attending or cheering should email or see Coach Dags for specific details.  We'll meet in the Savin Rock Conference Center parking lot across from Turk's Seafood at 2pm sharp.

In the meantime, Coach Dags will be practicing his Wim Hof method:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaMjhwFE1Zw



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