Get to Know The Interns – Sean Cady

You've seen him at 6:30pm, either working out or following the Coach around. Now you know why! Sean is our newest intern, joining the (current) ranks of Poot and Emily. Let's learn a little more about Sean…

Name: Sean Cady

How long you’ve been CrossFitting: My first day of On Ramp was May 21, 2012

How long you’ve been at CFNH: I started my CrossFit experience at CFNH and never left. When buying our house, proximity to CFNH was a major factor in choosing a location. đŸ˜€ I have been here for 3.5 years and hope I have many fun years ahead of me.

Tell us a little about yourself. (where you’re from, athletic background/history, favorite food, etc):
I grew up in Glastonbury, CT and played soccer as a kid, but stopped when I hit middle school.  Through high school, I mostly mountain biked with friends.  During college at UConn, I picked up road cycling in the summers.  (One of the reasons I have a love/hate relationship with the Assault Bikes.)  After graduation, I started working for General Electric. I moved every 6 months for work for 2 years, so I pretty much stopped doing anything fitness-related.  After that, I got an apartment in New Haven with my college friends. One of them, Kris, started going to CFNH and talked it up all the time.  So I figured I’d try it out, and the rest is history.
Outside of CFNH, I lead a web development team as a Senior Architect. (Fancy words for “I design, build, and fix web-related things.”)  I love to learn and build things.  Lawn mower engine isn’t working? Disassemble it and rebuild it.  Thermostat is broken? Re-wire the whole house.  Getting married? Build a wedding website.  I think “Love, Build, Code, Lift, Eat, Game, Drink, Break, Learn, and Fix” covers myself pretty well.


Why do you want to become a CrossFit Trainer at CrossFit New Haven?
When I started doing the Comp programming a while back, I spent a lot of time with Jason and Lauren.  As a more seasoned member, I enjoyed helping them improve their form and skills.  I started thinking that I could really enjoy this.  I enjoy making people better.  Unfortunately, I would have started this path earlier but life was a bit crazy this past year.

What is your favorite movement in CrossFit?
I have a few. First is the deadlift because it shows my progress through time.  Right after On Ramp, we had a heavy single deadlift day and I think my one rep was 275 with horrible form. I currently have 415 deadlift.  Second is the snatch because it is hard to master but when you get it just right, it feels amazing.  Third is bar bell hip ups, because apparently I’m a monster at them and hold the CFNH leaderboard with a set of 8 at 285.  Come at me, Bro! (emphasis added by publisher…)

What do you expect to be the biggest challenge while learning to become a Trainer?
I’m an engineer.  I have a very analytical approach to learning and teaching.  However, trying to explain leverage points, inertia, and center of mass to most people is not how they learn.  I will have to flex my teaching style for all of our different athletes.

What are you most excited about in becoming a trainer?
Discounted RX Bars!!! Just kidding (but they are really good).  I’m excited to help our CFNH community grow, as well as grow my abilities.  I want to get all our members to realize that with work and effort, they can crush their goals.

Interesting fact or life event?!
My family has bent pinky fingers (genetic trait), and it totally gets caught under the bar on heavy jerks.  Occasionally, the knurling on the bar will slice up the back of my pinky finger. CrossFit problems hmmm


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