If you are single, it’s time to turn your Sweatt ON!


The O'Briens in the early days of dating.  

Folks, this photo is proof that I am not the trainer who should be writing a blog about dating in the 21st century.  What the hell would I know about dating now?  I mean, shit, I actually met my husband in person.  It was an actual introduction, “Carla this is Eric”, “Eric this is Carla”.   Boom done.  Off the market.  I was off the damn dating map by the early 90's.  (Yes, do the math, but I can check the box Masters Athlete during the Opens)

Before there was Match.com, there was a real live occupation called a “match maker”.  Not too far in our distant past, one would pay him/her several hundreds of hondos to find THE ONE, the match.  Or a cheaper, more social option, Speed Dating.  Cause you had to meet folks f-a-s-t.  Single CFNH'ers would have very done well with that scenario.  AMRAP phone numbers for dates.  

Now a days, I hear about the smart phone apps for finding your mate.  I have also read there are over 10 million single people using screens of wickedness.   On a quick Google search I discover the top 10 apps (and my knee jerk reactions), which still include Match.com, from a lovely man named Tom.  

1.  OKCupid (boring)  2. Hinge (creepy)  3. Tinder (too shallow)  4. Coffee Meets Bagel (uh creepier)  5. Hitch (what if your mom gets tagged?)  6. Grindr (isn't there one for lesbians too?)  7. Plenty of Fish (it's free, but fear the bottom feeding)  8. How About We (there goes datenight spontenaity)  9. Down (oh yeah, cause there doesn't even need to be a 'date' in the equation. Huh?!)  Let's not review Blume, where your mate is matched on the selfies you post on FB.  TMI.  OMG.

IMHO, It's no wonder 10,000,000 adults (cough cough, “I'm 18 and over”) are single.  

Circling back to the dating app scene and CFNH.  If you are single, healthy, getting in shape, doing your thang here; shouldn't the person you want to meet also have the same aspirations?  Maybe not right here at CFNH, but somewhere?  I have heard from so many, that the gym is their 'church', their 'temple', their 'island'.  “There will be no dating in these hallowed halls with other members of the gym”.  Nor, would they bring a date to the gym.  Anonymity, I get it.  Right!  But, who wouldn't want to wake up the next morning and do the Drive-of-Shame together to Coach Frank's 9AM!  

I can't believe I am promoting this.  But it's so sublime that its absolutely FANTASTIC!

SWEATT is touted as the latest dating app for the fitness community.  You are healthy in life.  You need to find your equal opposite that also is!  

It matches you and a potential based on the workout profile you select!  Guess What?  IT HAS A CROSSFIT BUTTON!!!  Check this landing page out.  Woot woot.

You can find someone based on observable, measurable, and repeatable data!  Algorithms's, Frequency, Time Domains!  Holy data Batman.  This is what you need.  To quote Sweatt's mission, “we believe that great dates and great relationships start with strong, motivated, confident people.”  That's who you single folk are at CFNH!  That's what you represent to us daily in your workouts.  

Do yourself a favor, get off those other, lesser apps.   You need the right tools to do you job right.  Put yourself out there with a better tool to make your love connections.  It's time now, all my crossfitting single athletes; to get ready for your weekend properly.  

Have a great day~

Coach C

(screen shots & photos compliments of Sweatt and the Sigma Phi Epsilon 1990 formal photographer)



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