Programming Update Jan – Feb 2016

Have you noticed anything different in the programming over the past 8 weeks? We started focusing more on targeting specific energy systems in the body. We tested some workouts in December and re-tested them in January. Here are the results:
Glycolytic Test: 70% of people had faster overall times
Phosphagen Test: 80% increased and/or stayed at same weight, and 63% increased weight.
Oxidative Test: 50% of people increased the # of rounds they did during Cindy

What did we learn from this? First, the oxidative system has the lowest improvement rate – why is that? While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason, we did discuss it at our most recent Coaches’ meeting. We determined that the biggest factor was the makeup of WODs between the tests. Prior to December, a majority of our WODs were in the oxidative energy system. In December we balanced the energy systems better which resulted in a lower overall number of WODs in the oxidative system. This may also be a reason we saw such positive results in the other two energy systems. This data is very helpful as we program the next round of workouts, so please remember to enter results for all of your WODs!

Speaking of our next round of workouts, here’s a look at what we’re focusing on from now through the end of February leading up to the CrossFit Games Open Competition (more details on that specifically later this week).

Our focus will be on compound movements and additional gymnastics. Expect to see complexes in the barbell movements, more thrusters and clean & jerks, and higher volume high-weight barbell movements (the WOD on Tuesday 1/12 is an example of that last one). The week of February 15th we will be testing our 1RM deadlift. We’ll also be testing the Girl WOD, Jackie on Wednesday 1/20, and re-testing it on Tuesday 2/23. This is a glycolytic WOD and a great way to prep for the Opens.

Open’s Prep Work Section:
For those interested in competing in the CrossFit Open, we will be featuring an additional piece to our WODs as an optional piece for those who want to work on some higher-level skills and open-style workouts. This work should take no more than an additional 15-20 minutes. If it takes longer, you’re not doing it right. There will be designated rest periods from the end of the regular class WOD, to the start of open’s prep work. Please follow this with precision as it’s meant to be enough time to let you recover from the WOD, but not long enough to tighten up and have to re-warm up.

If you plan on doing this extra work, please plan on doing it every time it is listed. You will not be allowed to “cherry pick” these ones. Please commit to this program from this week, through the Open at the end of March.

To be clear, this is not a competition program. You do not need to be an unlimited member, but you do need to complete the class WOD in order to do the Open’s Prep work as well. It is also not a “coached” WOD. If the movements are out of your current skill set, you should work on the skills and needed to attain the movement listed. For example, if ring muscle ups are prescribed, and this is not something you can currently do, then you should spend an equal amount of time working on dip strength, becoming comfortable in the false grip, and performing accessory movements such as the toenail muscle up. A coach can provide direction on this, but they will not be available to coach you through the movement as their priority is the class. If it is a movement you’d like specific help with, it’s a great opportunity to set up a 30 or 60min personal training session with your favorite coach ($35 and $55 respectively).

Lastly… blackout week is coming the first week of February. We’ll be open all week, but we won’t be posting the WODs. You’ll find out what it is when you come in that day. More on that next week…

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