Finish every Rep with clean form and you’ll go far

We get on our smart devices and computers each day to see what the movements are.  That anticipation and excitement.  AMRAP's, 10 reps of box jumps, getting 60 calories (reps) on the assault bike.  It's either 'run to the gym' now or 'how to figure out to get through it' process in your mind.  Every athlete has favorites and goats.  In other sports, g.o.a.t means 'greatest of all time'.  However in CrossFit, your “goat” is the movement you suck at.  So, if you hate wall balls (like yours truly), and you are up against the Coach Poach time cap, “Karen” (that 150 Wall Balls for time).  It just makes me want to cry.  Especially when I know I have to get my hip crease below my knees, finish the toss with my elbow high, AND hit that damn red line to 9 ft.  Each rep has to count, especially if you are under the watchful eye of a coach or a judge.  When you have mastered a movement with confidence, get that gold ribbon next to your name in Wodify and be proud!  Next time you see the movement, begin to focus on each piece of the movement to ensure that you are doing it correctly.  

2015 Opens (left):  Coach Poz leaves open a questionable overhead position for Coach Poach to judge.  Possible No-Rep?

2015 Fall Throwdown (right):  Coach Poz has an unquestionable locked out position.  Rep is GOOD.

I was coaching the other day and an athlete was doing a Push Press.   There was a nice dip before the press out over head, clean transition of weight movement from the legs to overhead.  What was missing was the head through the shoulders on the finish of each of the reps.  Why do we have to get our heads through the push press (or shoulder press, push jerk or split jerk)?  Moving load from shoulders to overhead requires the spine to remain in tight position as the barbell passes through that space.  If the spine is not in line, a fulcrum point develops.  A head out of line (i.e not coming to through the shoulders) on the spine, creates that fulcrum point directly in the lower back, rather than keeping the load through the entire core.   No one needs that back soreness.  I told the athlete and immediately form was corrected.  All was right in the world, and our 12:00 noon class (insert big shout out now for my nooners on Tuesdays!)  If you ever wondered, this is why coaches will cue you to get your head through.  They really aren't picking on you!

If you are considering any competitions or even trying the upcoming 2016 CrossFit Opens, your coach will become your “judge”.  The CF “movements” change-up into competition format.  In this type of forum, you want to get every rep you can before time is up.  You want to be high on that leaderboard or get on that podium.  The quality of each and every movement you do, is high stakes.  It is what your judge will be looking for; like that head through the shoulders on a S2O (Shoulder to Overhead).  Hip crease below the knees on a wall ball. Full exention on a box jump.  If you fail to perform it properly, you have just wasted energy, doing an extra rep, that will not be counted.  “NO REP!”, the judge will shout out.  

In competition, don't let that judge no-rep you.  In class, know the coach is there to make sure you are completeing the movement in the safest way possible.

There are many ways in which you can complete those very fast movements, but the correct way is the most efficient and easiest on your body.  Bottom line, no matter what the movement is, don't give up a rep because you didn't finish it with the quality you know it needs!


(photos courtesy of Mrs. Poz)

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