Coach Poz is up for the Challenge of 48.6!

Did you know there's a BIG race going on in Orlando this weekend and several of our CFNH team are participating??  Are YOU planning a big race this year that we don't know about?  If you are, please send Coach Whitney or Coach Dags the details so that we can rally the troops in support! We love to feature the great accomplishments you all have inside and OUTside of the gym.  

And speaking of accomplishments…you all may recall Coach Poz talking about the Dopey Challenge over the last few months. He has actually been raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphona Society for about 6 months, and his commitment to meeting the generosity of so many of his friends and family is to run in the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World.  So, what is the Dopey Challenge you ask??


That's a LOT of running if you ask me, but Coach Poz is certainly up for the challenge!  Here's what he had to say recently about the race and his training:

“It is very early consecutive wake ups (3AM or so to catch bus transport and get to corrals).  Weather last year was cold (20 degree windchill for the 5K) to a muggy finish of high 60's for the marathon with a passing shower.  This year lows are forecast in mid 50's to highs of almost 80.  I am registered this year through Team in Training raising funds for LLS and to date have raised $5198! I completed last year without any training because of my shoulder surgery but was much lighter (175).  This year I am back to “fighting weight” which is low 190's.  I don't really train running I just mainly rely on the CrossFit workouts here at CFNH.  LAST YEAR I added 3/4 of a mile to my marathon and had a couple “issues” which I still completed the marathon in 5:13.  This year after the first three days I am hopeful for a sub 5 and not extending the course will help in that.  I'll be posting daily pics to Facebook but after I'm done will send you some good pics.  These are some shots from last year choose whichever.”

In addition to Coach Poz, Keven Kingsbury and Trish O'Neil will also be running a few of the races with him. Keven and Trish are both doing the 5k today, and Trish is also running the half marathon on Saturday.  WOW!  We are so proud of you all.  If you'd like to support Mike's fundraising efforts, it's not too late.  You can head over to Team in Training: and show the love. 

Here are a few photos from last year, starting with the 5k and working up to the Marathon. 

Poz on the 5k last year with the cold temps

Waving Hello on the 10k in 2015

Dopey himself on the 10k!

Another Hello during the Half-Marathon in the Magic Kingdom. I wonder if Cinderella was watching from that castle??

And, the grand finale… the Full Marathon! Still smiling and waving to the camera! 

Miss Trish O'Neil herself! This was her first marathon!!  This year she's running the half with Mike.

And a “big hand” for the support crew of Keven and Jenn Poz!


Have a great race, everyone!  We love you!

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